Kyle Hale Expert Copywriter


A 100% endorsed MENTOR copywriter from Alan Forrest Smith

You should know this: Kyle Hale is a brilliant copywriting mentor student of mine. He gets it and that's a big deal.

His work is first class, I am more than happy to endorse him. He is based in California but works with a select amount of clients globally.

Feel free to contact him at anytime from this page and trust me to tell you he will look after you or I will kick his ass! He has been mentored at a premium Pro level and from what i have seen will more than deliver for you.

His contact details are below.

Please read his offers.

Alan Forrest Smith


Second Chance Offer

Kyle here.

Day 2 of the amazing deal I told you about in my first email.

Time's wearing thin.

I realize you might be on the fence about this.

Maybe you're wondering, "gee, who's this guy I've never even seen talking to me about doing work? Why should I trust him?"

Good point.

And here's why you should trust me to get you BIG RESULTS:

  • Best writer Alan's ever had as a student
  • Direct guidance from Alan himself
  • Extensive background in storytelling (the most powerful tool in sales copy)
  • 2-year mentorship with novelist Nalo Hopkinson (I really know story)
  • Produced a "phenomenal" sales letter according Daniel Scott of Vanguard Marketing
  • Extensive AWAI training in direct marketing and copywriting

But the main reason you should trust me is because you trust Alan.

And Alan is going to be with me every step of the way.

You're only going to get the very best because whatever you see that I've written will have passed Alan's ultra-tough standards first.

And that's a promise.

And in case you didn't already know, Jay Conrad Levinson, the Godfather of Direct Marketing, has said of Alan, "you have a genius mind," which Alan has been passing on to me in his highly secretive lessons.

In fact, Alan has let me in on many of his most powerful secrets that even his colleagues know nothing about.

And it's these secrets that give us the edge, which often results in totally mind-blowing response.

Guys, this is stuff other copywriters simply don't know about.

And that's coming from a guy who's read all there is to read about copywriting from nearly all of the biggest names in the business.

Alan's methods, which I use, are WAY ahead of the game.

But in order to benefit from these secrets, you need to act quickly. This is already the second email... There is only one left.

For the first person to contact me about a project, you'll get a special never-going-to-happen-again rate of just $3,995. And, obviously, you'll be first in line to see your powerful sales copy done.

After that -- and after the third and final email from me -- my rate returns to $6,000 minimum per project. Still a good deal.

So there really is no time to waste.

I'm busy. Alan's busy. But we're both ready to get started on this project with you.

It'll be like nothing you've experienced before.

To greater response,

Kyle Hale Direct Marketing Consultant/Copywriter



First Offer

I know you don't know me.

My name's Kyle Hale and I'm launching my direct marketing and consultancy company, Blackened Castle, soon.

I'm a Mentor student of Alan's.

He gave me permission to write you today.

I have an offer for you. And a damned good one! Just read on to see...

But for some of you, it may not be what you're looking for right now -- if so, just delete this email.

I'm looking for a client on this basis: My minimum fee is $6,000 per project. But I'm willing to give the first person who responds to this email a deal at only $3,995.

This is probably not something I'll ever do again. In fact, I expect my fee to rise quite a bit as time goes on. But I'm doing it now because I'm still fairly early into my career. This is sort of my "grand opening."

And please realize that if you decide to work with me, you'll not only be getting my brain, but Alan's, too.

Alan has agreed to go over every single line of copy that I write for you -- with me -- so that we get it right.

This means that there's really no risk involved here.

In fact, this is probably one of the best deals you're ever going to get from Alan. After all, Alan doesn't really offer deals under normal conditions...

And he normally charges £25,000 minimum (at present = $37,830), which is probably too little when compared to the RESULTS he generates.

Results such as:

  • A 49.2% conversion from new enquiries
  • New sales of over £200,000
  • A huge 53.4% turnaround in just 4-weeks
  • £42,000 from a single email campaign
  • Unheard of 47% response with sales of over £800,000 from direct mail
  • Huge leap in leads from 1 per day to 17 per hour
  • Increased sales of £1.2 million from single database campaign

And for the first respondent to this amazing offer, you'll get me, who Alan has said is the best writer he's ever had as a student, and Alan himself going over the work I produce for you.

But you need to hurry...

There will only be two more emails from me with this offer.

And once someone responds, the price goes back up to my normal rate of $6,000 per project minimum.

I wouldn't waste time on this. It's not often that an opportunity such as this arises... An opportunity to work with copywriters who are 100% dedicated to results... and have the proof to back it up.

And that's what this is all about... your RESULTS.

So if you need high-end copywriting because you need big RESULTS, get in touch now and let's work together.

And remember... this offer is EXTREMELY limited. Once I get a response, my fee returns to the normal rate of $6,000 per project minimum. And there will only be two more emails following this one from me.

After that or after I get a first response, this offer disappears forever.

I would not wait on this.

To greater response,

Kyle Hale

Direct Marketing Consultant/Copywriter