MENTOR Success Story Rhett


"Your methods are Ace"

This is a true story

The following events took place in Essex, April 18th 2015

At the request of the client all names have been changed.

Out of respect for the reader all details remain the same.

Some details you should know before I say too much.

The guy I will talk about is a computer engineer by trade and was for almost 30 years.

Due to illness he had to retire.

His retirement was driving him crazy so he decided to find out if he could create a small business writing.

He had zero experience when it comes to creating a business from words.

For me it’s always interesting to MENTOR people. There are those that will, those that say they will and don’t and those that simply do nothing.

Rhett is without a doubt a guy that literally listened to every word I said and carried out the instructions as discussed. Rhett is classed as retired due to ill health or in other words the government keeps him alive until he dies. Not what you call a great prospect for any kind of future don’t you think.

So when he came to me I was a little apprehensive about how he would do. Had he given up on life? Would he be able to push things through? Would he sit and listen and do nothing?

 This was a man used to do not a great deal due to his genuine illness.

So after weeks of teaching, training, mentoring and encouraging and guiding him I set him a mountain like task designed to generate a ton of cash for him. In fact so much cash the goal has been designed so he can go and by himself an apartment for cash!

Now let me ask you this.

If you had no experience in this at all could you approach a large multi-million turnover company that sells prestige cars, sit face to face with a highly experienced marketing and company director and make them an offer that just couldn’t be refused?

We talk over his offer time and time again before he went.

We talked about the precise wording he could and should use in any mail correspondence or direct mail.

We even spent time working out exactly what to say at face-to-face meeting.

And finally we even discussed exactly what he should wear to the meeting.

So this is what Rhett did and again I want to stress for you that Rhett is a newbie like yourself.

Last week Rhett took a huge leap of faith and called the director of a company to arrange a meeting. Of course over the phone he was super nervous yet he stuck to the script and got his appointment.

Yesterday he went on that appointment to meet the company directors. Now you have to please remember this man is the nervous type and suffers from M.E., which is an illness that leaves the sufferer with endless exhaustion.

 So now I suppose you’d like to know what took place next?

Here is the email I received yesterday evening from Rhett. I’ve made no changes to his email.

“Dear Alan.

Your methods are Ace.

Let me tell you what happened, I was very nervous this afternoon.

I was only in XXXX Car Company with Greg the Manager for ten minutes.

I asked him a few questions as you told me to do, then I showed him two future sales letters for cars one tailor made for him for a Golf TDi.

He read them carefully went quiet and said "this is different" , I told him this was a letter in the manner and spirit of you.

But as you told me early on, clients apart from a superficial level are not interested in me or you, only what we can do for them.

I hope I haven`t done wrong but I have given him a freebie letter for a VW Golf.

He will send one a week to past Golf buyers and one a fortnight to two hundred past buyers of a similar car.

If this brings in results in 6-8 weeks he has agreed to lock into a contract where I sell lots of his other stock.

When I said to him what will you give me if a letter sells 100k profit he was lost. So I did as you said and asked for a 10% payment. He is agreeable to this we have shaken hands on it.

I am quite excited , I never guessed from their ad and stock of 200 cars they sell 1200-1300 cars a year.

Absolute heaven, I told him there is pure gold in past sales, at present they are emailing past customers which I said is nothing like sending a letter on Monday that can be read Friday and all weekend.

Just to make you laugh, I made one mistake, I showed him a sales letter written for YYYY cars who I aim to visit next week, he looked quite hurt, I explained that I want 5-6 dealers to work with and I didn't know how I would be received today. I managed to smooth him over and I will not do that again.

I cheered him up, I told him I wish to work with his company each year for good.

I hope for a fair wind and a bit of luck and I shall have a large contract to work with.

I said I wish to sell 500k profit or turnover of cars.

Your methods are the right genius side of madness.

I remain your happy student.

I hope you and Tamara are well.

I am having a beer now.

All the very best Rhett.”

Well I don’t know about you reading that but I felt nervous and excited reading Rhett’s email.

Nervous because I understand and know him more than you do and excited because I can see what is coming.

Now just in case you are thinking what will Rhett do next? It’s really easy, all he has to do is speak with myself I will talk him through everything until the deal is nailed. And if he cannot handle the deal I will work it with whimper part of the sales we make from this car company.

Do you think you could do this?

Let me tell you another quite funny thing with Rhett.

If you work with myself you’ll quickly discover I talk a lot about formatting things. Now of course because I’ve been doing this for such a long time I wrongly assume that people know what I am talking about. Around six weeks into Rhett’s mentoring he finally asked me this question.

“Alan you keep taking about formatting during these calls can you tell me what that is?”

We both laughed because every week without fail I would mention that he must practice his formatting yet it took six weeks for him to ask what it was. Now just in case you are wondering - he is working on his formatting but again with MENTOR I make sure everything is done so there is zero guesswork.

Just think about this.

If you could learn what Rhett has learnt do you think it could change things in your life right now?

  • You don’t need experience.
  • You don’t need previous skills.
  • You don’t need to know everything

You simply have to do what Rhett has done and do exactly as I tell you.

Like Rhett this can be done part-time in literally a couple of hours a week - thats it.

And you know what? I believe Rhett will have his paid in cash apartment this year if he carries on the way he is going which is…

  • Well paced
  • Well listened
  • Methodical and taking his time.

And of course the other vital thing Rhett did was to cut-out all the amateurs online that are trying to tell people like him how to do things despite the fact they have never done those things themselves.

So if you are ready for change like Rhett was I am ready to hold your hand, guide you through and help you hit the goals and targets you need to hit to create abetter life.

Right now I can take on just two MENTOR students.

You can work with me for

1,3,6 or even 12 months.

The details are as always on my MENTOR page

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have cash to pay for this right now my BARTER ARRANGEMENT is available again.

Simply this can mean

You could be the person that needs change that has no available funds right now yet you might have saleable items lying around that are just collecting dust or stock.

I am possibly willing to take these in barter at a discounted wholesale price and must be sellable.

I prefer

  • Computers
  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Jewels
  • Technology

Or you might have something I will be interested in but I haven’t thought about. Ultimately i must be able to sell it forward quickly.

So now this could be a golden opportunity for you.

And if Rhett can do this why can’t you?

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