It's now 177 days since new year - Has anything in your life changed or has it been just another year of the same old thing? Can you see that photo above? That's me in Tbilisi, Georgia. We have just spent just under 6 weeks there, hanging out, working, and doing our own thing.

I don't believe in holidays but I do believe that a life can be designed and designed well to accommodate change in daily routines (that some call holidays). I have spent years designing a life that can be taken anywhere, anytime, any month for as long or as short as I like.

I get paid well. I look after my clients. I travel when and where I like. I live a life on terms that create a happy fulfilled life. And for me it's interesting looking back at life how even I used to (and still do to some extent) say out loud to friends and family about changes I am going to make in the coming years at new years eve. I don't think any of those new years promises ever happened for me.

So my life eventually took on a new dimension where I finally came to a place where life design was possible. Now of course at the time I had well over 40 years to pick the good bits from, remove the bad bits from and start all over again but the one big thing I discovered in life is this … It isn't possible to re-run any life passed so you have to find a way to gain useful information faster, make choices faster, take decisions faster and then take action faster because we simply don't have the years to do it all again.

Today I do my own thing, share my experiences with others like yourself and help other fast track into changes for their lives and their businesses.

This year alone one MENTOR student Dilys went from Bank worker to full-time marketing expert and copywriter. Vincent has made incredible changes in his life and confidence and probably one of the best copywriters I have trained so far. Jonny has brainstormed and refined an idea so good I think it could be his biggest life change so far. Troy has a new niche program that will make him rich (I believe) or even Emma recently on a call who had a moment that will eventually change her consulting business.

Change can happen for anyone but if you are like most and simply accept your day to day life as it is well the reality is change will never appear in your life. Why accept what you're not happy with? Just because most do it really doesn't mean that you have to.

Now 177 days might have passed since New Years day but the good news is that means you have 188 days remaining to make changes. Is it possible you can make those changes?

Most of my MENTOR students come to life and wake up during their first call… "My head is buzzing, words don't come close Alan" , Philip.

You can still make changes in the remaining 188 days of 2013 but will you or will you simply accept the same old thing and the same old results? Right now I have two MENTOR slots free.

Is it for you?

Here is a small list of people that have been in my MENTORING

  • Health and fitness experts
  • Salon owners to turn around their salons completely
  • Copywriters that had no idea how to take their business to market
  • Real estate traders that need more growth
  • Full-time workers that wanted fast changes in their lives
  • Stock traders
  • University students
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Writers
  • Soldiers (yep)
  • Public speakers
  • Ministers
  • Marketing teams

They have been based in countries such as … Africa Australia New Zealand USA Singapore Malaysia Scotland England Russia And more.

We do the MENTORING over Skype weekly. What you get from me is …

  • Over 30 years business experience
  • How to succeed How to recover from failure
  • How to rebuild
  • Over 50 years life experience
  • How to design a real life
  • Global experience
  • How to create a life plan
  • How to build a business
  • How to create powerful marketing
  • How to create a strong position
  • How to brand yourself like coca cola
  • How to get clients fast
  • How to create a strong web presence

And so much more that I can't write here because all of my MENTOR is bespoke to you and you only.

Don't let go of your life by doing the same old stuff day in, day out. Don't allow your business to destroy you because it doesn't have to be like that. Don't sit back and watch your life slip by at a job you hate everyday.

ThIngs can change and I can help you change things if you are reallyy ready to make those changes.

One question … ARE YOU READY?

Investment for life change? When I had my hairdressing salons I spent at least £100,000 on them back in the late 1980s early 90s. When I started my business as a marketing consultant and copywriter I sent hour after hour after hour studying and learning my craft.

Probably way, way way over £250,000 with flights, book, education and time and more. I can tell you it has been worth every last penny. Today I (almost) have the life I have been designing and it works incredibly well.

I have a wonderful home in England and a brilliantly quirky home in Georgia and I get paid very well for looking after clients just like you.

Is this worth you investing in a MENTOR?

It really depends on how much change you want or how much change you need and of course how much change you are willing to apply into your own life after all if you join MENTOR and do nothing all you have done is waste your time, your money and your investment.

So for a small life investment of just £7,500 12 weeks you can utilise my 30 years in business and life to fast track the changes you need. We speak once a week and you also have unlimited access for any emergency. You speak also for an hour to my support team If you need a new website we build it, design it and plan it with you You'll learn everything you need to know about creating your new business You'll find out everything you need to know about growing, building or exploding your business We can mastermind ideas We can guide you with life choices And I will bespoke, mould and design all your mentoring around what YOU need not what I think you should have.

Right now I have two places, I'd love you to join me on one of those places. Are you ready for that? If you are interested and want to make the investment simply fill out the contact form and I will arrange a time to speak with you for 20 minutes to see if you are right for me and I am right for you.

IMPORTANT NOTES: All MENTOR payment is 100% down. I don't offer a money-back-guarantee. You'll will have to work and take action. I do not MENTOR anyone for free and pay later. MENTOR is perfectly suited for corporate employees that you need to get the edge so your business gains more sales and profits.

177 days have already flown by this year and that gives you 188 remaining days to kick-start something new, fresh, different in your life. I'm ready to help, I have the experience and track record to help you.

Don't lose any more time after it time can never be recovered. You'd like to start? Simply go to the contact page and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


Alan Forrest Smith