Mentor Story Maria

Maria is one of the best technical writers i have worked with. She is one of my mentor students, 23 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, rock chic from Liverpool and god only knows how she gets time to do anything.maria300

How we met has a story, it goes like this. A few years ago Maria saw me on a speaking DVD. Maria decided to write a list of things that she wanted to do in her life. On that list was this… 'Work with Alan Forrest Smith'

When she wrote those words she was pretty broke but she had set her intention on working with me.

How? Let me tell you a little about Maria's week right now. She works a massive EIGHTY HOURS every week on a night shift (it's a crazy job). She also is at University studying full-time. Then she has to study with me! A mad schedule right?

So I received an email that simply replied to my VIP MENTOR page. It was very simple, 'I want to work with you, can I have an interview?'

So I arranged an interview for her at my office, she arrived with her dad and talked about what she wanted and what I could do. To be honest I simply look for commitment in the interview and that's what she had until … She told me about her job and studies. Here's a girl doing full-time university and an eighty hour week job, how would she fit it in?

Not only that - How would she afford my 12 Month VIP Mentor fee?

All three of us spoke, they left my office at my home and got back to me in a free days.

Maria was upset she thought she could but couldn't get the funding for the training. I told her not to worry and get back to me when she could.

After a few days I got another email from Maria, we spoke over the phone and then out of the blue - She had the funding in place.

Now this is a huge commitment from anyone never mind someone that is working eighty hours a week, studies full-time and finds time a scarce commodity.

So to bring you right up-to-date. Since January 2012 Maria Claude Bennet has been a VIP Mentor student of mine. She can write anything beautifully well.

Her stories are wonderful, her articles are clear and crisp, her mindset is focused despite the distractions.

Now we are just about to put her website live. It's our aim that she recovers her VIP Mentor fee ASAP. I really don't think that is a problem. Here's why. My Mentor students are taught to stop thinking about money as the goal. My mentor students get control of the way they think. My mentor students are shown how to create almost any kind of success. My mentor students are taught patience. My mentor students are taught to be skilful.

And most of all … They are taught to love what they do, share what they do and then the financial rewards follow - they always do!

It's not always about the money yet the money always comes when focus is shifted.

Over the next few weeks Maria will be going live. I know you'll love her writing style so I'm excited about sharing more about what she is up to. This week her site goes live. Maria's excited, I'm excited for Maria.

I can share this with you through my 27 years experience in business. Maria might be working more hours than 3 regular people right now and for a wage that will enslave her for life. Yet when she looks back in 12 months time and is in full flow I guarantee she will be earning more than anyone she knows is earning - EASILY!

I'll share more with you soon. Would you like to join my VIP MENTOR training? Maybe your hopes of 2012 being the best new year ever just haven't happened? Maybe you want skills that will make you real money, good money, great rewards for life? Maybe you are simply looking for life changes and need a MENTOR that can deliver effective change with you?

Here's the page from January 2012. Some details and dates have changed yet the basics haven't.

Go read over it and fi I can help you, I'd love to.