Troy, Recession & Choice


Troy lives in Vancouver, Canada, he has two young teenage kids and a supportive, beautiful wife. His life has been full-on to say the least. A specialist in the Real Estate industry for years working 10-12 hour shifts almost daily. He is a gentle, soft hearted, great thinking, gentle guy that needs more from his life. Troy is a VIP Mentor student, based in Canada and will probably be a little embarrassed when he sees this.

Troy is also doing brilliant! Let me share a little first. But the first time we met wasn't face-to-face, Troy knew me before I knew him via a DVD series I had released on copywriting and marketing many years before. He ordered it, watched it, enjoyed it (according to Troy) and eventually a year or so down the line this took Troy into being Mentored by myself.

What I really want to share with you though here is a story of sheer determination.

  • Troy works, long, long hours.
  • Troy also has a job that demands more than a lot from him and his time.
  • Troy is aware that he can't carry on working like that, now is the time in his life when he has to break out and make more choices for himself rather than being told what to do from an employer.

TIME for Troy is probably the most valuable thing that he has to think hard about before making any kind of commitment.

So early this year Troy decided to call me, speak to me and ask me if he could become one of my students (and now friends) and then became my very first VIP Mentor student. And the reason I am sharing this is to share with you a little more about his progress.

In just a few months into his Mentorship with me, Troy hasn't made leaps, he has climbed mountains. I don't think I have met anyone that has so much inside waiting to get out. Can you imagine what is must be like when a volcano finally erupts?

A mountain full of raw power, energy blowing out and spilling everywhere? That is what Troy is like right now. Every week he comes to me with ideas, solutions, strategies, tactics, service packages and a whole lot more.

I'm simply refining him, fine-tuning him and guiding him using my 27 years business experience. I'm slowly uncovering, revealing and allowing Troy's real self to come to the surface. Nothing forced, nothing squeezed, nothing fake, just Troy the real Troy and the reality Troy has committed to activing this year.

  • I believe 2012 will be the year Troy's life will change forever.
  • I believe by July 2012 Troy's new business will be live and ready to help change his life experience.
  • I believe anyone can achieve what Troy and my other Mentor guys are doing right now

When I set him free, open the gate and finally allow him to run wild into the wilderness of this World I will of course let you know more about what he is up to first but right now he is doing incredible things.

I wanted to share that with you in a time when as I read this morning over 70 businesses go to the wall every DAY and thats a double edged sword. Why? If it's your business, you lose everything. If you are an employee, you lose your wage that supports you and your family or lifestyle.

In other words - an uncertain future knowing that one of the 26,000 businesses that fail this year will affect the bigger economy, affect family life and affect the way we plan things for the future.

Maybe I was lucky, mum always made it clear that we control our future and the second we place it in the hands of others our future then becomes uncertain.

I remember the recession in the 80s, that was when I was advised against buying a home, changing career, setting up my own business. I did all three successfully.

I remember the recession of the 90s when I went from a small 250 square foot salon to a 2000 foot salon. Everyone thought I was insane as there was too much unemployment and too many people with no cash. So I did it anyway with great success.

I remember the recession of the late 2000s, yes I lost everything during a crazy, crazy, hazy divorce. I was advised to get a job, stop being in business, get a tiny house and settle down. Of course I got a big house, got the things I needed in life and went against the mainstream advice.

The things I learnt were this.

  • Just because everyone is saying it, doesn't mean it applies to reality, my reality.
  • Just because everyone is advising it doesn't mean its absolutely true, correct and a must follow route, clearly it wasn't.
  • Just because the media says a certain thing and do things a certain way doesn't mean it has to be so for me. If I had listened to everything in the media I would have no room in my mind to focus on what I really need in life. I ignored the media and do my own thing.

So just because thou read, you hear, they say, you're advised, you're told to do certain things, rarely means its right for you.

How many times have you taken certain advice and quite simply it hasn't worked?

Troy woke up and good for him. He is in control and his results are proving themselves. I'm excited for him and I can't wait to send you an update on what he is up to.

How about you? Would you like to join my VIP Mentor program and be like Troy? Of course everyone will tell you know but then again, who controls what you decide?

If you are interested in being Mentored by myself … hit reply or go to my main Mentor page at …

I can take on one more student right now, will that be you? One final word for today.

Unplug from the mainstream, get to grips with your own needs, question everything and start to think about what is best for you.

Alan Forrest Smith New Mentor