New changes at Orange Beetle & More

icon.jpg Changes Effective from May 1st 2016

We are very excited for NEW Orange Beetle and I think you'll feel the same once you see what is coming.

I really want to give you more of what I know. I want to share more of what helps people and business with you.

Please read how I will be doing just that.

Dear loyal follower

The fact is some of what I know and have collected over the past couple of decades and more in my mind does change lives, change business and has time and time again created happier people. Because if things are going smooth in business, you are happier.

I have turned around failing businesses almost overnight. I have massively increased sales and profits sometimes in hours. I have delivered some incredible results for my clients that literally have transformed lives and even relationships. (You can even see a youtube video of a client sharing her story of how information shared by myself saved the life of a young girl.)

In other words what I know and will share with you is powerful - powerful information. That same powerful information needs to be more accessible and shared with more people like yourself.

Thinking of changes

For a long time I have been thinking of ways to create more change, more happiness and of course much more effective results in your business and life through Orange Beetle.

A problem has been over the past few years I have become more and more reclusive behind my keyboard only working with maybe one or two clients per year. Working mainly with one or two big clients will continue of course  but I want to share more with clients like yourself that maybe feel my services are too high to access in relation to what your income or turnover is right now. I've fixed that as you'll see.

I've also so felt it would be better if we had a 'drop in space', meeting space and a place we can meet and join and even talk over a coffee without any pressure. After all it is a good thing to see a real face, a real person where you can really get a sense of them and who they are from a simple handshake and reaction. I have now fixed this also.

Since first moving to our new home in Hale, Cheshire one priority has been finding the right space to get these ideas of sharing, becoming more accessible and more open really kick-started.

Space to rent

One day just two weeks ago my darling wife Tamuna and myself went for a coffee not far from where we live. As we came out of the coffee shop facing was a sign that said SPACE FOR RENT. We walked in, walked up the stairs, looked at the place and said there and then YES we want it. Just under 1000 Sq ft of space we could easily transform and create an environment where we can share more into your business and your life.

Orange Beetle H.Q also known as ICONOCLAST H.Q. OPENS MAY 1st 2106

On May 1st we will fired up and ready to get things started.

I have named the space ICONOCLAST for reasons that may or may not be obvious.

Now you might be thinking this…

“Alan I would love to come but you are just too expensive”

The reality is working with me is free when you look at the returns of clients that do everything they are shown to do but that’s another story for later.

For now I have taken a serious look at fees and how I can make more openings to share more with you. I have added those pricing ideas on to the end of this email and as you will see they are prices to get excited about.

And for my premium rate VIP clients things will also change for the better as you will discover over time.

The Changes That Will Help You


NEW PRICE: The Copy Writers Mastermind - £995 3-5 places. June 5th

This is a one day for 3-5 copy writers over around one table. This day is all about taking the basic copy writing practice you have and creating something much stronger, consistent, bigger and better. You also get my experience which is 20 years in the copy writing business at the very top of my game working with A-list clients and many famous clients and partners inc,using names like

  • Best for copywriters that want and need more clients and cash.
  • The Easy and proven way to get good clients
  • The secret to building a real business from copy writing
  • The truth about creating a brand as a copy writer
  • How to position yourself as the only option
  • The secret of confidently asking and charging amazing fees
  • A proven way of getting the 'IN-CROWD' talking about you
  • Why endless referrals can kill or explode your business
  • The best way to build your client list isn't the way you were told
  • Why you absolutely must create an image a persona, and real magic
  • And more

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 Breakthrough Business Mastermind - £995 3-5 places.

A one day program designed to look over, tear down, build up and solve any business problems you might have right now. This is a mastermind group. In other words you put what your problem is on the table and it’ll be solved by the team you leave. Not only will you have my 31-years of continued proven experience but you'll also have a group of like-minded individuals working hard to share the success they have with you also. MORE SOON.

How to market your business from your iPhone - £995

A one day class showing you how to set up, what to use, what to write and how to use your iPhone to build your business daily regardless of what you are doing. Probably the most incredible tool for business in 2016! My own personal tool for marketing my business. I will show you the critical and only APPS you need right now to master iPhone marketing. MORE SOON

Guerilla Marketing - £995

One day of training that will give you a minimum of my ’12  STACK SYSTEM”of the very best ways to use low cost- high return ways to build your business. Each tactic is tailored around what you need. MORE SOON

Traffic and Conversion Masterclass - £995

How to find targeted traffic, how to get that targeted traffic to visit your website and how to turn that traffic into real sales. You will learn our juggernaut traffic system that has converted as high as 49.2% Unlike most we will focus on reducing traffic whilst increasing conversions and sales! MORE SOON

And also coming soon…

  • The Leverage Mastermind
  • The Innovate and Grow Mastermind
  • Effective Marketing for Teenage Business Builders (aimed at 15-19 year olds that want to understand how to get their marketing right)... FREE!


NEW MENTOR PRO - Consult - Advise - Growth

  • 12-Month from £30,000
  • From + £2,000 monthly residual
  • + Bonuses and targets to be agreed

Also available for periods of

  • 6 Months
  • 3 Months

NEW THE FIX - From £15,000 21-Days and It's FIXED!

+ Bonuses based on targets

This is a full-on and extreme 21-day plan to turn your business around using proven, tested and powerful strategies and tactics that are timeless and relevant for your business. Best for struggling businesses that urgently need to hit their numbers, sales figures and conversions before it’s too late. I will stabilise, monopolise, use leverage and grow your business very quickly back into profit.

More details coming very soon.


I have also decided to offer the facility for you to drop in at anytime of the day on Mondays, Tuesday or Wednesdays. What does this mean?It means if you are in the area, you want to nip in and say ‘hi’ and talk a little about what you are up to… feel free to do just that.

No appointments can be made to drop in. Appointments have to be paid for at £250 per 60 mins. Just call in.

I will update you as things progress. Please keep checking the events page for more to come but for now I have to go as i have a ton of things to get done before May 1st.

Here's to a very exciting future.

Alan Forrest Smith