One In Ten Direct Marketing Principle


Even Heart Surgeons Kill Patients!

Not all patients survive open-heart surgery. Not all surgeons have the decades of experience other surgeons have had. Sadly some patients do die on the table but does that mean the surgeon is bad, no good or should even retire? Or does it mean it takes time to go from good to brilliant?

Marketing is no different and there’s one principle there’s no getting away from.

It’s the One in Ten principle of marketing?

It’s really simple.

For every ten action packed marketing campaigns you run – probably – nine will fail and then one wins you a home run. Disappointing right? But it’s true in the real world of business I have lived in for the past 27 years and for those that I have seen living in that world.

Let me explain a little more for you.

I see this all of the time. Almost all business that’s does marketing makes the assumption that every single strategy and campaign will work and of course make them a ton of cash. When it doesn’t it can be desperately disappointing and can be expensive especially for small companies.

Yet the reality is you need to play the one in ten principle when you take your business to market.

That means you have to accept that nine things you try will fail.

Now here lies a problem and the problem that is more common than ever. Not only do most not know or understand the 1 in 10 principle, most don’t ever try 10 things to take their business to market.

The single biggest problem I am seeing right now that despite there are well over 200 ways and more to take a business to market – most do one thing and if that one thing fails… they give up or die trying.

Can you write 10 things you are doing right now to market your business?


So here are a couple of tips that will help you IF you listen up and take action.

  • Write down at least 10 things you will do to market your business right now.
  • Research those ten things to minimize risk.
  • Write down your expectation from the campaign and be realistic
  • Hire an expert to write ads or copy
  • Hire an expert to create powerful graphics
  • Plan your campaign from start to finish
  • Run one campaign at a time
  • Measure results and response
  • Refine and tweak your message
  • Run the next campaign with the same rules as above.

Now what do you do when a campaign fails or doesn’t give you the result you wanted? You keep going, you don’t stop, and you pick yourself up and run with the next campaign. Test, refine, resolve and run. Don’t forget you’ll get NINE failures for every home run. Don’t forget – even heart surgeons fail sometimes.

If you need help …

  • Writing direct response sales copy
  • Designing powerful letters or flyers
  • Building direct marketing websites that sell

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