TRANSFORM 1. The gift

Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.

Kofi Annan

The biggest change I have seen in marketing recently is the gift of potential from online masters like Facebook and Google.

They have transformed marketing, as we know it there is no question. They have also transformed the way a business contacts and connects with its potential buyer.

First, let me share a few thoughts on the transformation marketing gift they have given people like you in business or that want to be in business.

Not that long ago to do any kind of marketing you really had to speak to an expert. The expert would charge you and this would shortcut you into sales or faster success - HOPEFULLY!

This was seen as a smart investment into success and would almost guarantee faster business transformation if it was done right.

It was that way for decades until the web changed everything.

Now you can Google how to write successful sales copy but Google will even show you how to do all things marketing online in really simple easy to follow steps. You can call Google anytime and speak to one of their ‘experts’ for detailed steps on how to do all things marketing on Google.

Facebook are not only the same but they have gifted you some incredible tools for marketing. They are just brilliant and getting better by the week. Again you can call Facebook and speak to a human ‘expert’ or you can simply follow their simple steps into marketing.

This is a gift.

This can transform your business.

This is powerful.

Even more.

Almost every ‘how to’ is now posted online. How to write copy, how to create strong images, how to be a good networker, how to use WordPress, how to write adverts that sell. At one time you could pay over a million dollars for a logo. These days you can get an incredible logo online for just $5.

I used to hire an expert that would spend a few hours with me teaching me online tools every Monday. I would pay him well and he would show me things I could then practice weekly. Now I simply go to YouTube for better more detailed instruction and it is all free.

This is a, without a doubt, a transforming gift to anyone that desires to make huge changes in their life or business.

Yet there is a major problem with this gift.

Yes, it is transforming yet from what I am seeing it fails to transform.


One thing has been removed from the equation of free everything online that could transform your business and marketing.

That is a true understanding of using the tools for transformation.

For example, you can learn how to write a headline, write body copy and write bullet points and a close.

You can then copy that into your business.

The problem and failure to transform is this.

The mechanics of writing good strong copy start with the mind of the buyer or reader, not the words. The words are simply the laying down of the thought.

The gift of online free tools fails to give you the thought behind the tools. It simply gives you the mechanics of the tools. If the thought is removed the transformation fails to take place. The results from the gift of free reveal themselves either very quickly or very slowly.

The bigger problem is if results do not arrive transformation from new business to successful business fails.

So although the gift if free if truly a gift it can fail to transform your business because it removes the thinking.

The thinking starts in the mind, it has research it asks plenty of questions and finally comes to a conclusion.

Thinking like this gives an even bigger gift.

That is the gift of transformation.

A transformation so deep that is can affect the genetic part of a business that will force change into every part of the business.

A fool in business is the person that never takes expert advice.

I had been a landscape gardener for four years in my younger life. I then decided to become a hairdresser. The problem for me was I was now twenty so I needed to do it very quickly as I wanted to buy a house.

So rather than go to college and just do as I was shown I bought books on haircutting from a young hairdresser named Anthony Mascolo. I devoured his books, copied everything I read and saw through photos and then became a master hairdresser through his teachings.

His books transformed my skills.

They were a gift.

Yet I now had to go to the next level.

That next level took thought took planning and took a real understanding of people, not just hair.

My life became transformed to the point that I managed to go and build a large five bedroomed home in a one-acre garden with a very English orchard. Idyllic.

This was a transformation that happened though action.

So although you now have the gifts of free online it isn’t enough and cannot be enough.

I see clients all of the time that have played around with Google or Facebook for a couple of years with barely any results to show for it.

The tools were a gift.

The tools are transformational.

Yet no transformation took place due to a huge lack of understanding of the human mind.

So what about you?

Are you seeing your own potential?

Do you want massive changes in your life or business but are stuck?

You do have the power to transform anything. We all do yet there can be something that stops us from taking the steps into transformation.

Those steps are usually fear based.

Will it work?

Is it a waste of time?

Do I really believe in myself?

Is it costly?

Will I lose out?

So many questions built on the back of real human fears and realities.

So to make a real transformation is much deeper than knowing how to log in and use tools. The transformation begins in the mind. It is fed the knowledge and a building of ideas that will connect or reject each other until the desired outcome arrives.

I am in the business of serious transformational and marketing breakthroughs.

If that is what you want and need right now lets talk.

Alan Forrest Smith