You and Me





My advice is to print this page and take its content very serious as possibly the best opportunity you've been offered in a long time.

I  Want To Build Your Business

How would you like me to build and create you an absolutely bespoke marketing campaign that will probably (based on my previous results) take your business and life results stratospheric

Right now my No.1. Client is experiencing these results. 42% conversions from his new leads. He started off with less than 3% when he came to me. His success has been so huge he has not only had to double his staff, move his office and now has had to open a second branch with more in sight.

Phenomenal has truly taken place! He didn’t want to do marketing (he thought it was a waste of money). He didn’t want to invest in marketing (due to previous failures with marketing experts).

Not anymore - everything has changed and changed on a monumental scale. Here’s the thing. I’ve been doing results based direct response marketing for years. I’ve critiqued copy and created killer sales for people just like you. I’ve spent weeks writing one email to pull in one huge client for my clients with outstanding results. I’ve written webpages that have generated millions in sales for clients like yourself. I consulted with one client that went on to take over five million pounds in sales in a single month. I've taken unknown amount of businesses and positioned them so highly they have become the one and only option. I even created a campaign that came to be worth over £22,000 for every word I wrote. And once I wrote a small flyer that pulled in £74,000 for a struggling small business. Just recently I built a strategy that not only blew the phone off the hook for the clients office but it was so busy the staff complained and wanted to go back to the old way of no marketing - no nothing!

Imagine What I Could Do For You

So just imagine what I could actually do for you? Just imagine how your business could be just ONE week after we meet. Yes I have turned businesses around in 7-days from as good as dead to stable and then finally into profit!

Imagine what I could do for  you. And if it is your direct mailers you are struggling with - I’ve been creating ultra-successful mailers since 1991 whilst working alone and with some of the biggest direct mailers in the direct response mailer industry.

If you are struggling to sell from your webpages not only have I been selling online since 1998 but I have created web strategies for my clients since 2001 that have had over 15 years of experience but tens of millions in sales for my clients.

And if it is traffic, I was part of a strategic campaign that delivered over one million visitors to a webpage that resulted in over five million pounds in direct sales in a single month.

And if you need to get your envelopes opened and letters read, if you have to get your message to the very top man and that man must read your message… Over the years I have done a ton of that stuff for people just like you.

Imagine what I could do for you right now?

Think about it where are you struggling and what needs to be done to make a result happen? Your team just aren’t cutting it- they need help and help fast! Your efforts aren’t bringing you the results you need, the copy seems good but you are just not sure what the problem is?

Just imagine me and yourself working together to create a campaign so powerful that you go from being a businessperson to an empire builder with a real business to sell on or pass into your family in the future.

I’m telling you this is more than possible but maybe you aren’t convinced? You feel over the years you’ve tried everything but have you really? Have you simply become tired and jaded trying with no real results to show for your efforts and investment?

It doesn't not have to be like this with your business because I’d love to work with you if you’d like that? Would you?

Every year for the past few years I have worked with just one or two great clients. I say clients but we become pals and friends. In fact one of these clients is actually going to be my best man at my fast approaching wedding in New York … that’s how close we become.

Here’s how we work together. We visit each others homes, we travel together, we eat out together and we do stuff in life together. I get my clients results they could only have ever dreamed about and they look after me and reward me well. But… It has to be result based otherwise what’s the point right?

And I think today marketing has become harder. When I got started online in 1999 with my marketing services there was literally one or two companies to choose from including mine. These days there are million upon millions of ‘experts” out there that are building their little empires from outsourcing in the Philippines to people that couldn’t care less about you and your business. The problem is the string of disappointed clients they leave in their wake.

So when we work together I take it all very personal. You get me, you get my brain, my mind and my proven business breakthrough strategies.

Can you imagine me working in the heart of your business?

Jay Conrad Levinsion called me a "genius mind that everyone should work with". I have no idea if he is right but what I do know is the endless trail of powerful results behind me year after year after year. And I would love to do the same for you.

Do you think my skills could turn around your business or boost your efforts significantly? I know they could but maybe even now you are not that sure? So let me ask you this and once you reply you will know if you are or are not the perfect partner to work with myself.

  • Do you have an established business?
  • Do you have a marketplace that wants your product?
  • Do you have everything in place but your marketing is failing or non existent?
  • You have a genuine fear that marketing is nothing but a cost?
  • You feel a real season expert could help you but are still unsure?
  • You are worried about the cost of marketing?
  • You currently have a turnover that keeps you in business but isn’t building the empire you’d love?
  • You’d like to hit your first million turnover You’d like to hit your first ten million turnover?
  • You’d like help nailing down the biggest customer of your life?
  • You have a budget to spend on marketing

Would You Like To Talk?

If we had a quick conversation and I revealed to you ways you could dramatically increase your conversation rates, your turnover, your income, your profits and make your marketing work would that interest you?

We could talk I will see if we are a match as will you and then if we are we can both agree and take things forward. How does that sound?

Do you have a customer that you would love to have on your books? I can make that happen. Do you have conversions so low they make you feel like giving up? I can change all of that. Do you have a endless string of disappointing marketing campaigns that started out all full of hope and then only to once again fall flat on their face? I can change that for you.

But I have to warn you if you are starting to feel interested in partnering with me. I take my work very serious. I don’t play around with your company, your business, your people or your life. Everything I do is part of a system, part of a process that is designed to create a powerful business and life for yourself and anyone else involved.

I would need you to listen to everything I say, do everything I tell you and follow-up and talk whenever we need to. If you say you are just too busy or want me to speak to an office monkey - unless I have trained them it won’t work.

To really make this work I will give you everything I know. I will find out anything I don’t know. You will get myself working flat out in your business until we get the results we both agree on.

If you are interested here’s what I am going to do.

Set up a Skype call between myself and yourself (this way I will waive my initial consulting fee). We will talk over what you have right now and if I can help you and we like each other enough to work together we can agree on the details and make a start. It's really that simple - a chat for now!

As I type, my mind is going into what can be here for yourself and myself, is yours? I once said to a client I would like you to write me a check for one million pounds. He laughed and told me I was crazy. I then replied but you have asked me to help you hit one hundred million in turnover and you don’t think paying me a million is worth it? Sadly for him his Bentley, his home and his business vanished despite millions being ploughed in by investors. The reason I am saying this is this.


I have been doing what I do now for over thirty years. I have worked with the rich, the very rich, the famous and worked with small business, medium business and even huge multi-million corporations.

I’ve seen just about everything anyone can see in this business and frankly I have seen some cash poured down the pan more than I have seen cash spent wisely. Every penny you spend working with myself is a penny spent wisely.

If you spend 5 I would expect you to get 100 back.

And if you are a corporation with a marketing team you simply won’t be used to hearing that but that is how I have always worked. If you need an urgent turnaround I will give you an urgent turnaround. If you need a breakthrough I will deliver a breakthrough that’ll make your jaw drop to the floor I guarantee it.

And I promise you this.

If you work with me by the time we are done you will be flying me and my beautiful new wife first class to a place on Earth where we can both relax, talk some business, do some fishing, drive through the country, eat good foods and generally grow and develop our friendship for life.

Money Isn't a Dirty Word

Now the bit that most business that I never work with try to insult me with. So I will make this short and clear.

  • I do not work for nothing - don’t ask!
  • I do not work for peanuts - don’t try!
  • I do not work as a slave - Don’t even attempt!

You need money, the queen needs money, everyone needs money and of course I am no exception. Anything you pay me will be relative to your results. I will do my best to ensure you get any initial investment back in full with 21-30 days (based on averages).

Is This For You?

Right now I am looking for ONE CLIENT I can focus on for one year. If that means it will be a 12-month deal (or a result based deal)! I am looking for a client I can earn a minimum of 500k with over that 12-months based on your spectacular results!

Your initial outlay can be minimum and can also be part barter exchange (please ask more detail).

If this sounds like it could be you lets set up an initial NO-OBLIGATION chat and see where this could go. If it goes nowhere that is fine but if it takes off I think your business could be about to change for the better.

So listen before you reply I need to say this. If you hit reply to this email and simply say “Yeah it’s me” it clearly isn’t you and I cannot reply. If you say “Yes its me I will pay you something when the sales come in” that’s just disrespectful and I am not interested.

The replies must have

  • Your name
  • Your contact details
  • Your website
  • Some details about your business and some thoughts about what you could feel about working with me

Finally lets move forward and imagine that 3-months ago you read this email and you took action. You and only you are my client for the next 12-months. So far your results have been progressive, increasing and even truly spectacular.

This time you want to meet again but you decide it would be a cool thing for us to meet over in Paris. We talk and laugh on the train racing through the channel tunnel until we finally hit our destination in central Paris. Our wives vanish for a while and do as they like to do on the streets and shops of Paris while we sit and talk and build and develop your business even more.

Would you like to do this?

I would love to build a relationship so strong with you and your company that you’ll be happy to send me a check for a million pounds as the best investment you ever made into you business and your life. I think you’ll feel the very same.

Shall we do this?

You and me.

Results and more results?

Of course it is your choice so don’t be pushed into anything by myself. You might want to simply carry on as usual and get the same results as usual. I hope not. Lets build. Lets become partners. Lets become friends. Lets dine and enjoy our next meeting in Paris 12 months from today.

I’m in are you?

Remember I can only work like this for one client only. That can be you. There is only one way this can happen.

Tell me more about you and your business to my email address at This is a truly exclusive opportunity for you that could change everything.

Your partner and friend in success In your lasting service

Alan Forrest Smith


p.s At this stage I can't meet face-to-face unless we do an initial consultation over Skype. But… If you feel that an initial face-to-face is the best option for you I do charge for travel and a minimum hourly rate. Any costs is taken off what is agreed at a later stage.