How To Become a Copywriter

How To Become a Copywriter
How To Become a Freelance Copywriter
How To Become a Copywriter uk
How To Become a Freelance Copy writer
How To Become a Copywriter
How To Become a Freelance Copywriter
How To Become a Copywriter uk
How To Become a Freelance Copy writer

How To Become a Copywriter

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Learn How To Become a Copywriter or Write Copy From Someone From a Real Veteran Copywriter With Over Three Decades Experience

Strictly time limited offer!

NOW: Available via online download!

Everything you need to know on how to become a copywriter including technique, details. secrets and case studies and copy samples.

You will learn how to make serious money writing: And walk away after the course knowing how to become a copywriter and with enough inspiration and motivation to write yourself a brand new life!

Three copywriting experts take you by the hand and reveal to you EXACTLY HOW you can create 21st century copy and freelance copywriting business that is relevant for the *NOW* Generation!

And ... this is the only program I know of, where a proven copywriting expert with a three decade track record is going to reveal for you the easiest, fastest, quickest way YOU CAN how to become a copywriter and quadruple YOUR copywriting profits - IN A DAY!

THIS IS  two-day intensive masterclass on film - streamed into your computer.

  • Over 17 hours filmed in London UK of hardcore, original thinking from one of the UK's number one copywriters.

  • Featured experts: Raja Hirekar and Mentee Stephen Georgulis

  • Plus huge how to become a copywriter class transcripts to download

  • Plus Powerpoint from the class to download

READ BELOW: How a Hairdresser Evolved Into a World Respected Copywriter!

READ BELOW: How To Pack In Your Regular Job And Start Running Your Own Copywriting Business

READ BELOW: How To Get Paid Writing

READ BELOW: how to become a copywriter

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How To Become a Copywriter

Dear Reader

"Forget it, Alan," the experts told me. "You won't be able to do it."

They were talking about my "stupid" idea of becoming a world-class copywriter and running a copywriting business because I had been cutting hair for the past 20-years!

"No one will accept it." "You have no track record." You have no education." You need to plan for your retirement now."

I had reason to believe the experts were wrong.

When I looked at one of my heroes in copywriting, I discovered this. He started his copywriting career at the age of 39 yrs of age. He also came from a creative background as a French cuisine chef. He was also ... like me ... a Scotsman!

If My Mentor Could Become a World Respected Writer ... So Could I ... But More Importantly ... So Can YOU!

Okay here is what happened to me. Please apply it to YOU. It will give you the release you need to break free and start being a successful copywriter.

I started cutting hair for a living in 1982. My working life began years before then as a landscape gardener. Before then ...? I simply walked out of school with no formal education.

Things were clearly going to be tough.

Despite my lack of education, I decided for some crazy reason cutting hair would be a pretty cool way to make money.

I trained in Manchester, UK, and to cut a long story short I eventually had my dream come true. It was this ... to become self-employed with my own hairdressing salons.

In 1989 I opened my first Hairdressing salon. It was 250 sq feet in size. Within 18-months my second salon was open. It was 2,000 sq feet in size. I eventually opened salon number three.

Sounds like fun right? Sounds like I was making a huge amount of cash right?  Well, the truth is this; working 7-days a week, thinking about business non-stop for 24 hours a day (waking up in the night in cold sweats) to support a bunch of stuff that basically couldn't care less nearly killed me. That is when I discovered.

I Could Create a Living and Lifestyle Writing Response Driven Words ...

Now, this is incredible yet true.

My first copywriting job was an accountant. He was a client that came to the salon and asked me who write my adverts. I got paid $1,500 for writing just 3-single page letters. Writing the letters took me around 6-hours. So I was suddenly getting paid ... $200 per hour for writing words.

This felt impossible, but it was actually happening.

From there I went on to write copy with Michel Fortin, Andrew Reynolds, Stephen Pierce, Marlon Sanders, Jay Abraham, Dan Bradbury, TV stars, famous authors and today global corporations and of course many, many more world-class business and marketing experts.

Things had begun to change for me and my life.

Now you might be asking and thinking about this ...

How Can I How To Become a Copywriter And Get Paid Serious Amounts of Cash Writing Words?

 The following is a true story of just one of my students that you will meet on DVD in the copywriter's masterclass.

"absolutely mind-blowing! ... words just can't do justice to what I learnt this weekend ... truly remarkable"

Stephen Georgulis, Sydney Australia, invested over $20k of his savings, flew around the world trip of 25,000 miles to join us at the Advertising Masterclass ...

Here's his amazing story ...

Yeh, it's true, I did take around $25k in around 12 weeks after attending The Advertising Masterclass January 2005 with master teachers, Brett Mc Fall and (slightly eccentric) Alan Forrest Smith!


Well, I had read about The Masterclass and I knew both these guys had red-hot reputations. The problem was I had no cash and it was going to cost me at least $20k to fly from Sydney Australia, pay for my entry ($10,000) and other related costs.

The other problem was I had no real idea what copywriting! How I was going to make cash from it. So I did a little research and came to the conclusion that if I did it right (they way they teach me) I could easily get my money back fast and ... save enough to buy my dream car a 911 Porsche ;-)!

So I borrowed the money (thanks mum), flew 25,000 miles round trip and put my faith in these guys! If it failed, I would be in debt big-time.


I can't describe how life-changing the advertising Masterclass was and how much I learnt. Okay, I had manuals and all the other stuff but just to spend 3-days up close and personal. Throwing questions at them. Asking. Digging. Delving deep into the minds of two guys that really do walk the talk.

And to be honest ... my own mind was just totally blown away. I kept thinking how can I fail now. It was awesome!

Anyway, I had to come home and build my new copywriting business fast to pay back mum and some other family member and friends I had borrowed from.

A private conversation with Alan (the mad one) revealed that 99% of copywriters never make enough cash to live a decent lifestyle. I listened closely (being a Ninja expert I am trained to listen, meditate and apply).


To be honest, Alan took me under his wing and mentored me on virtually daily basis via email and phone beyond the class. He wanted to see how far he could push me from average into amazing!

If I didn't do what he had taught me he would kick my ass and force me in the right direction.

Now the truth is this. Alan is so out of the box, it's untrue. He is kind of a nut but his technique for positioning and building business has totally blown me away. It was only by DOING PRECISELY what I had been told and shown by Alan and Brett that fast-success would come.

I stuck to every last word and bit of info from those guys! Look at me now.

Where I am right now.

I have around 12-months work on my desk. Yes, I did say TWELVE MONTHS! Amazing right? (I only began my copywriting career 6 months ago)

I have taken around $50k plus through my business so far. I am continually being contacted by some of Australia's biggest entrepreneurs now for copywriting projects. 

This'll sound crazy but ... I even turn work away. It's all just a little mad but hey considering most copywriters never do that ... I love it, love, LOVE IT!

How To Become a Copywriter

By this time next year this young ninja copywriter should have his 911 Porsche outside his apartment! It easy when you follow PROVEN MASTERS ... E-A-S-Y!!!

What else can I say.

If you have a chance to be mentored by Alan Forrest Smith at one of his Masterclass events you have to go. You must go.

It'll be like NOTHING you've been to before. His stuff is cutting-edge. Breakthrough and his without a doubt put me on my path to a million bucks.

And by the way ... don't expect the Masterclass to be another seminar. It won't be. Alan won't allow it. Expect Fun. Education. Blood, sweat and tears. But expect to walk away with what I now have ...

... the skills to build a mega-copywriting empire in literally MONTHS, not years! You'll get exactly the same.

Day One: The Copywriter Masterclass - How To Become a Copywriter 

Session 1.

  • Revealed The Half-Truths and Blatant Lies About Making Money as a freelance Copywriter

  • Why Reading LESS About the skill of Copywriting Will Give You Skills

  • The Reason You Must Ignore Most 21st Century Copywriters

  • The Laziest, Quickest, Easiest Ways To Earn Huge Amounts Writing Words

  • Revealed: The Exact Tools For Mega-Copywriting

  • Why Less Clients Means More Profits!

  • Exploding The Myths Surrounding Copywriting

  • 21st Century Age Old Secrets Of Response Copy

  • Why You Need To Know What People Think

  • Why You MUST KNOW What People Believe

  • Why You Need To Know No one Cares

The Subtleties behind ...

  • Snapshot Copy ... THE MUST KNOW technique for the 21st century!

  • Trash Copy ... a key to readership!

  • Story Copy ... feeding the human condition.

  • Selfish Copy ... how to understand it.

  • Human Copy ... why you cannot change people.

  • Futurism Copy ... essential for all copywriters!

The Finer Detail Behind Attention Grabbing Headlines

  • Headline Examples and Why Detail Works

  • Why People Respond And What They Really See In Copy

  • Why You Must Prove It In Your Copy

  • Driving Home Your Benefit Factor

  • How You Have To Tell Them What To Do

  • Examples of Real $200,000 adverts

The Decades-Old Headline System For The Modern Age

  • Why People Only Buy Solutions

  • Why You Must Avoid Certain Exclusion Words

  • Why News Sells Like Crazy

  • Stuff Copywriters ... THE CLICHÉ is King, Here's the Proof!

  • Words That Make People Cry Sell

  • Why The Brand Name MUST BE In The Headline

  • How To Avoid Hucksterism's

Writing Headlines Live In The Class

  • How To Write a DVD Player Example

  • How To Write a Back pain Product Headline

  • How To Write a Funky Car Headline

  • How To Write a Stop Smoking Headline

  • How To Learn From 100-Year-Old Headlines

and ...

  • My Own Personal BODY COPY Formula for Success

  • What You Must Avoid In The Body

  • What You SHOULD Add Into Your Headlines

  • Why Short Paragraphs Are Essential

  • How Long Should Your Copy Be

  • And More, Much More!

Things Like ...

  • How To Make The Body Copy Flow By Removing One Single Word

  • The Subtleties of Words

  • Connecting Paragraphs ... How To Do It!

Mouth Watering Offerings ... Actual Examples

  • How To Make a Car Offer Truly Irresistible With a Higher Price!

  • How To Create Exciting Offers With Boring Products

  • And So Much More You'll Love To Learn From!

Special Guest for 90 Minutes With Ace Underground Copywriter and Marketing Genius Raja C. Hireker Revealing How He Became a Copywriter.

Raja is a copywriter I have worked with for the past few years. You WILL NOT have heard of him I am sure of that. However he is a true ACE when it comes to words.

Raja covers Pre-Headlines, Headlines, Sub Headlines, The Opening Paragraph and more.

This guy is a must hear copywriter. Most of his training is from Dan Kennedy! His new, fresh angle on copywriting is a delight to see on DVD. Without question a must-use copywriter with a massive base of knowledge way beyond the mind of most copywriters ... in my opinion!

And ...

Raja deliver his Bonus session he called ...

The 3 Mental Shifts You've Got To Make If You Want To Get Out of Being Just an Ordinary Copywriter to Being a Fabulously Paid In-Demand Pro!

You will see Raja deliver his breakthrough copywriting business techniques - over 90 minutes of quality content!

Anything else?

How Would You Like To Meet a Young Guy That Actually Took My Advice and Created a SIX-FIGURE Copywriting Business After Flying Once Around The Planet To Meet Me!

Stephen Georgulis flew literally once around the planet to be trained by myself. He came from Sydney Australia.

Here is just a snatch of what you will hear from Stephen.

Ste Georgulis flew all the way from Sydney, Australia to speak to the class. Why would he do that? Well, easy really, I asked ste to become an expert witness for myself and my teaching abilities to take a newbie to an ace writer in weeks!

Can I share with you what Steve delivered?

You Need To Listen Very Close. Stephen Is Proof That YOU CAN Earn Huge Amounts Writing Copy!

Okay here it is... listen close this guy has made an incredible impression on the day.

Ste revealed things like ...

  • How To Become a World Class Copywriter In Just Weeks After Listening and Applying Alan's Breakthrough Strategies

  • Action Points For FAST Copywriting Success

  • The Single Most Important Key To Your Success

  • Why You Must Get Off Your Backside To Make Cash Writing Copy

  • The Two Critical Factors That Take Your Copywriting Business Into Full-Time Cash Production

  • How One Tiny Remark Over Dinner Gave Me My First $10,000 Copy Job!

  • How Five Minutes Work Gave Me Massive Coverage Over The Next Few Months!

  • The Result Of My Hard Work and How You Can Easily ReplicateWhat I have Been Taught From Alan

  • And much, much more inspirational real-life student to copywriter

ACE Copywriter Michel Fortin Said This About Alan Forrest Smith

Alan Forrest Smith is one of the most outspoken, more respected and most response-driven marketing experts on the planet.

Creator of the, Alan has taught aspiring copywriters all over the globe, from the US and the UK to Singapore and Australia. 

Michel Fortin was asked this question on his forum:

  "If your life depended on the result of a piece of sales copy who would you ask to write it?"

Mike's answer: 

Alan Forrest Smith!

DAY TWO: The Copywriters Masterclass - How To Become a Copywriter

 The second day of the MasterClass began with ..

My Life and Observations In Copywriting And How You Can Benefit Financially From The Successes and Failiures I Have Seen.

In this session, you'll learn stuff like ...

Copywriters Masterclass
  • How I Made THIRTY GRAND In 60 Minutes (and how you can easily copy this)

  • The Easy Way To Get a Client To Happily Write You a Cheque For $50,000

  • How To Get New Clients To Pay You $5,000 For a Single Day Consulting (and even getting them to buy you dinner on their tab!)

  • How To Turn Your Email Into A Cash Machine (real example of how one email pulled in nearly $20,000 in less than 10 minutes and how you can copy it)

  • How To Make SIX FIGURES From One Joint Venture

  • How To Create Passive Incomes From Copy You Wrote An Age Ago!

And You'll Learn ...

  • My Big Ticket ($50,000) Secret!

Listen up ... How About ...

I Reveal To You At Least 14 Tested Tips I Used To Literally Explode My Copywriting Business

Can I share this with you?

ONE AMAZING TIP: There is one tip in here that will make your copywriting business go totally nuts, crazily busy.

 Use, harness and practice this one ... you CANNOT FAIL to earn huge amounts writing!

THREE PERSONAL SECRETS: Sound good? Well, wait till you hear these three personal secrets. I can tell you right now that following 3 secrets propelled my own copywriting business at Orange Beetle, virtually overnight.

  • The First Gigantic Secret; F-----G. Harness this, the result is astonishing as I know. No brainer, easy to copy!

  • The Second Gigantic Secret Is; P---------G. This one secret is the magic tool that will determine how much you can charge.

  • The Third Gigantic Secret Is; B------G. Here is the single most important thing 99% of copywriters will never use in a month of Sundays but it's the one thing that has made Orange Beetle superstar status.

All 3 gigantic secrets are detailed in depth so you truly understand and get to grips with their power. Frankly, if you don't know these ... you'll always face an up-hill struggle with your copywriting business!

And Why ...

  • SMART COPYWRITERS MAKE CASH: It's Only The SMART Copywriters That Make Any Money (I will show you HOW YOU CAN be one of those very smart, savvy copywriters that make heaps of cash!)

  • PUBLIC SPEAKING MAKES MORE CASH: And WHY you MUST DISCOVER the art of speaking to build your business. (I reveal for the first time ever my own public speaking secrets that get me voted NUMBER ONE speaker at almost every seminar I speak at. I have been voted number one on the same stage as guys like, John Childers, Stephen Pierce, Kirt Christensen, Michel Fortin, Mike Filsaime and many, many more speakers)

How Would You Like To Know How To Create a Cash-On-Tap System With Your Copywriting Skills?

You will learn my 8 simple steps of how to create cash on demand as simple as 1,2,3. This is so simple it's just not funny!

I even show you how to create an income of $40,000 for one day's work. YES, just 6-8 hours work!


Would You Like To Know How You Can Pull In Well Over $100,000 From a Single Client?

YES, yes, yes ... I show you exactly how to do just that.

And there is more ...

I share my HARD FAST rules with you so YOU always remain in control of your clients and the cash!

AND ...

How Would You Like Me To Show You How To Kick-Start ANY Copywriting Business In hours? You Guessed It ... I Reveal Exactly The Steps You Must Take.

I even show you live actual examples of how you can do this yourself in your business today!

You Want Some Proof That This Stuff Actually Works? Check Out Just One of My Students From The Copywriters MasterClass Below.

Kevin's Six-Fold Increase After Joining Me (and copying proven strategies I revealed to him) ...

Be Honest With Yourself ... Wouldn't You Love To Know The Life-Changing, Profit-Transforming Skill of Copywriting?

This is a quick tale of how SIMPLE WORDS turned into a cash machine for a student of mine!

Let me show how this copywriting stuff can work for you, right now.

Let me tell you about just one out of dozens of success stories I have been involved with.

Last March gone I hosted my acclaimed copywriter's MasterClass in Manchester UK. It's a class where I train students to make massive amounts of money using the power of words.

Anyway, I had a guy join me called Kevin Lewis. He is from the North of England, runs his own businesses but was struggling to get any kind of response from his mailings.

He is a great man but hugely cynical. In fact, it took me ages to persuade him to join me at the Copywriters MasterClass after many emails and phone calls.

Kevin told me this initially...

"Alan I want to come to one of your master classes but honestly ... my funds are limited and maybe should put them into some newspaper adverts, TRY and get some return then join you the next time you host one of these master classes!"

I told Kevin this in no uncertain terms.

"Kevin it's your cash to do what you like with but I want to explain something to you.

IF you put your advert in the paper how many new clients do you think will come in? You may not know this but traditionally its usually very low...

However, invest your cash with the skills I will reveal to you and I will show you this ... how to create a massive amount of dormant buyers from your list in just 30 minutes flat"

That stopped him dead in his tracks!

Now Kevin was still slightly cynical but he came along to the MasterClass rather than throwing more cash into failed advertising (VERY WISE GUY).

Want to know what happened?

Are you sure? 

In a second I am going to show you how you can take Kevin's whole campaign and apply it to your business.

Okay, belt up tight cause this is a huge result for Kevin the cynic ...

The figure above is in USA dollars. The Australian amount is ...

$114,985 in less than 7 days. Would that amount make a difference to your life?

Crumbs ... can you imagine how I felt when he called me? Nuts ... I nearly fainted.

Here is what Kevin sent over to me (and just for the record Kevin's email was around 5 pages long so this is just a snippet)...

I sent the email on Tuesday afternoon, about 10 minutes later I checked my inbox and was pleasantly surprised to find I had 16 replies from potential customers asking for quotes – by the end of that afternoon I had nearly 50 emails asking for quotes, and I ended up staying in the office until 1am finishing them all!  Then the next day I had about 10 more!

In the following 3 days, I took over $21,450.00 – and this week, what should have been the quietest of the year, ended up being the most successful week of the year so far! 

And, I estimate conservatively that I’ll pull in another $17,800.00 - $35,760.00 more, over the next couple of weeks as a result of this one single email! 

This stuff is just crazy, I’d heard of results like this in the past but I didn’t really think they were real, I suppose they’re not until you see them for yourself, but I’ll tell you what, this is just the beginning, now I know what’s possible with the stuff I learned at the weekend, I’m not going to stop creating results like this, for my own businesses, and for my clients!  

When I Count It All Up I Will Bank Over  $88,000 Minimum From That One Single Email!

I would back up everything I've just said, and if you have any one emailing or phoning you wondering if it's really worth the investment, tell them to phone me, on 00 44 1625 571010 or email me, and I'll tell em! :-)

And that's when it's all worthwhile.

You see not only did I teach Kevin how to do that over a few hours. Not only did he walk away and make a massive amount of cash. But ... he also went away with a new skill he could continue to make cash with for life.

Kevin's business has increased SIX-FOLD since attending my acclaimed Copywriters Masterclass earlier this year!

Yes I said ...




Can I Talk To You Now Person to Person, Copywriter to Copywriter?

There are some things in my business life I have learnt. Some not so important. Some so important that they can make or break any business.

I'd like to share one of those with you right now. You should listen it'll make you a bucket of cash, very quickly but only if you apply it.

Here it is for you.

I started my first real business in 1989. I made so many mistakes, looking back now the amount of cash I lost or never really made is quite honestly outrageous. 

Why did that happen?

The answer is very, very simple...

I Didn't Use The Opportunity To Learn and Listen To The Proven Paths Others Had Already Walked!

Yes I either did it my way or never wanted to invest in breakthrough information (thinking it was too expensive). 

Doing it all my way actually cost me dearly. I wish I could turn back those years sometime and pull in the millions of lost revenue.

Look at this quick example. When I was a hairdresser I knew nothing about running a business. I remember being asked to join a business club dedicated to building salon business.

Problem was it was around $300.00 per month (not a lot now) but I decided at that time it was way to expensive. Anyway 2 years passed until I considered joining this hair salon business club. I then decided to join.

Guess what happened? Within weeks of paying my $300.00 per month we had increased virtually all aspects of the salon and eliminated a large chunk of the problems we had with staff.


I listened to someone that had the experience I didn't have!

Anyway that was then, this is now. It's time for me to ask you this...

"Do you deserve more success with your life or copywriting business?" 

YES, YOUR BUSINESS! Do you have a Copywriting business right? Not just YOU hitting the keyboard day in, day out?

Okay maybe that is what you are doing right now but it doesn't have to be like that.

You will find so many ideas presented to you during the Copywriters Masterclass frankly if you can't make it work ... you probably never will!

Here's my promise: If you fail to find any cash making ideas from the MasterClass let me know and I will refund your cash right away.

Imagine How Much You Could Increase or Improve Your Copywriting Business If You Were At The Copywriters MasterClass - How To Become a Copywriter?

YOU CAN be there. You can be right in the middle of the MasterClass. You can access every ounce of information delivered to the 27 students on the day.

  • 17 Hours Of How To Become a Copywriter Streaming

  • Transcribes of the whole 20 hours so you can write your own notes as you go through the How To Become a Copywriter training

  • The COMPLETE Power Point presentations from the two day Copywriters MasterClass

  • YES, THE COPYWRITERS CLASS MASTER CLASSIC IS FOR YOU: If you have a copywriting business. 

  • YES, THE COPYWRITERS CLASS MASTER CLASSIC IS FOR YOU: If you are writing copy for clients.

  • YES, THE COPYWRITERS CLASS MASTER CLASSIC IS FOR YOU: If you want to know how to make another income stream using copywriting.

  • YES, THE COPYWRITERS CLASS MASTER CLASSIC IS FOR YOU: If you want to know how to make cash while you sleep from online sales.

Remember ... Your satisfaction is guaranteed or I will give you a 100% refund!


This course - How To Become a Copywriter delivery is digital.

Once you place the order you will get 2 emails.

  • The 1st email will acknowledge your order.

  • The 2nd email will deliver your course via our dedicated online channel. Please note there may be a slight delay to get the 2nd email.

Here are just a few nice things said about the classes above.


 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hi Alan, Your 2008 Masterclass DVD set is blowing my socks off.

To be honest, as somebody who has studied copywriting for almost 5 years now, I was hesitant to invest in your course. Having seeing it, I’m delighted I did and I will certainly be watching it again.

As a business growth coach, I’ve written decent copy in the past that has pulled in good sales and turned my clients’ businesses around. But I found myself compelled to watch all your dvds in a row, taking notes the whole time, knowing that while I was sitting there my ability as a copywriter was moving to another level.

I found your down to earth approach and your experience of doing it for real for your salons meant that you talked from the heart. You clearly have the depth and breadth of knowledge to answer quickly without and your were delightfully bullshit free.

Since I watched the training on Thursday and Friday last week, over the weekend I’ve written some new headlines, built a swipe file of 30 old ads I found on the web as well as a long list of ideas for my clients. I’m also half-way through writing a brand new ad that will go in the back of free taster documents I give away.

As somebody who already writes copy professionally, you have given me a bit more of that elusive “common sense”. In fact it’s been staring me in the face all these years but I didn’t see it. I actually found myself nodding and laughing as you talked. I need to go now – I can’t waste time writing to you when I’ve got all these new ideas to put into practice! If anybody needs to learn copywriting, including my own coaching clients, I’d suggest they start by buying your dvd training. After that they can choose how much they want to read and what to read.

Your training is a definite short-cut to success that will pay for itself over and over again.


Lee Duncan

Business Growth Coach 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 Hi Alan, Well…all I can say is…I’m so grateful you gave us the opportunity to have a full day with a Non-Conformist Marketer...even though you brought the rain Down Under!

I took hours and hours to write a headline before and now they are coming to me in a flash! It’s such a massive difference and has made me feel so much more confident about my writing skills.

I can’t thank you enough, Alan!

Liz Winstanley, Sydney, Australia

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Alan you have a brilliant marketing mind which is constantly thinking about how to make your clients look different from their competitors. Which means any marketing that you create ‘cuts through’ and has massive impact. I would recommend any business owner use your mind … take your advice … and do anything they can to work with you because you will make them a lot of money – fast.

You are without doubt THE best direct-response copywriter/consultants in the UK and I’m proud to work with you.”

Brett McFall, CEO,,

Gold Coast, Australia

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

G’Day Bridge Walker,

Hope all is well over in the English countryside….with Orange Beetles in the back yard… Before Alan’s Sydney Non Conformist Master Class I knew a bit about copywriting, but it always took hours and only got an average result.

Now I have done Alan’s course, I know where to get great, tested unique templates. This save’s me hours each time I write, and I have a much better and tested result, leading my customers by the hand, from my landing page, through my copy and into the “PAY NOW” box.

Bingo, mission accomplished!!!


Andrew Dale, Melbourne.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hope you’ve got over your trip home…it’s a bloody long way! Thanks for spending the time with me in Sydney. For me it was a rehash of what I mostly knew but hey you have to keep turning up. What I like about your style is the fact you copy the old masters and walk your talk.

Also you are easy to listen to and understand. The main thing I got from the day was the headline I adapted …I think from John Caples “Are You making These Mistakes With Your Prostate”. I will be testing this to see if its beats my current control. I expect it will so a day with you…well spent. Mate, once again I’m happy we met and look forward to the next time we meet.

To your good health,

Michael Fullick, Sydney, Australia 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

If you’re thinking hard about whether to invest in good, no, amazing copywriting for your business, my advice would be to stop thinking and just do it. You won’t regret it. It is an investment not an expense! Alan wants you to succeed. All I can tell you is that after an intensive copy writing weekend I am going home with great new skills and strategies and so can you!”

Rachel Goodall,

Devon, UK 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 “What I liked was seeing how Alan processed things when writing copy. I have things from today that I can use and work on as a direct result of the workshop. Thanks Alan”

David Lee,

Sydney, Australia 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 “The Next level Masterclass was a true revelation. I learnt how to construct and deconstruct sales copy that generates sales. These skills are essential to anyone selling any form of product or service. I have absolute confidence now that I can significantly boost my business using the skills I have learnt and will continue to develop. What’s even more exciting I believe that I can become an effective copywriter myself?”


love Lovemore, London, UK 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 “Alan, I knew you were ‘The Man’ before this weekend, that’s why I came – but what an enlightening two days! I’ve learnt so much, I’ve enjoyed the humour, I’ve felt comfortable and supported by you and your team. And I’m taking away clarity, content and a desire to drive my copywriting business forward.

Thanks for everything”

Janet Swift, UK

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 “I have had a great 2 days. The content was structured perfectly for me and where I am in my business. Well done Alan- A truly successful event!”

Ray Brock,

Devon UK 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 “Alan Forrest Smith’s Next Level Masterclass was fantastic! By day 2 we were all learning how to think in a completely different way and discover how to use different angles. Brilliant weekend”

Anne Pearson, Preston, UK

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 “Alan’s Next Level Marketing weekend was the most complete content rich event I have attended. It has propelled my skills and business understanding so quickly”

Colin Kendall Torry

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Alan’s Next Level Masterclass was fantastic I knew nothing about copywriting before, but I now feel confident going home and doing my own work… plus, it was great fun! I would happily recommend it to anyone, either with or without experience- you are guaranteed to learn some new tricks.”

Kiri Kendall Torry

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two days- and learnt a huge amount! Thank you Alan for your good humoured and patient help, advice and excellent course.”

Paul Turner 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I came to this course knowing absolutely nothing. After attending Alan’s copywriting course I feel confident that I have the tools to write great copy! Thanks Alan”

Sindy Richardson, London, UK 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Alan Forrest Smith is a master of his craft. I learned everything I needed to walk out of his weekend workshop to write a compelling order pulling sales letter, and that is exactly what I did!”

Jason Cohen 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I feel more confident about copywriting now and the Next level weekend was a blast”

Judith Morgan 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I was really excited about coming to the Next level Marketing event and Alan over-delivered against my ultra-high expectations. Anyone who wants to be successful in marketing or copywriting must attend Alan’s courses”

Brian Harvey, Manchester 


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent workshop that helped me to learn more on copywriting that will boost the income for my websites”

Yogesh Vedd


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“A brilliant weekend packed with quality information. Alan Forrest Smith has a wealth of experience which shows in his excellent delivery”

Amy Gill


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“This really was an amazing course. Alan is an excellent presenter and the information provided was second to none.”

Dapinder Singh 


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hi Alan,

Re your Tweak of Accent on Beauty Sales Letter Testimonial enclosed….

Alan , after your tweak of a recent sales letter I sent you to review….we sent the letter to initially 200 clients and had 20 bookings in first two days….that’s over $6,000 in 48 hours!

Thanks for applying your amazing copywriting skills.

Regards, Anthony Babyska,

South Australia

Anthony had a 20% response rate (the national average is 1% and below. Anthony 

You know what that results meant to Anthony?

It meant a 500% return on his investment with me for his training. If that’s was the result he had with one letter imagine the results he has over 12 months! MASSIVE! 


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Meet Jay Abraham

The guys dealing with one of his promotions in the UK were struggling to get a response from a letter. I showed them how to write a new headline. In fact I ended up writing the headline. I changed 12 words from 17 words. The results was … just under $200,000 in sales in less than 12 hours.