Creating a Simple Targeted Sales Letter


How To Create a very Simple Targeted Sales LetterWatch the video then review the bullet points below. I hope this serves your business well.

  • Eye catching design tailored toward the hairdressing market place.
  • Salutation speaks to the SALON OWNER.
  • The problem is instantly addressed and the solution is offered.
  • The solution is offered for free in return for lead generating details to build a database
  • Tells them what they'll discover as an incentive to get
  • Gives simple 1,2,3, steps
  • Signs off by SALON EXPERT.
  • Guys photograph is cool and easy for target to relate to
  • Classified ad inserted for live event
  • Prize Draw has
  • Numerical value
  • Time value
  • Mentor value
  • Details also added below
  • Terms and conditions

I hope you enjoyed that. Alan Forrest Smith

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