Direct Mail Failure?


Direct Mail Failure... Reason ForIf you buy the greatest, most fantastic, totally guaranteed fishing equipment and then go fishing in a pond with no fish ... what would you catch?

I want you to know that is exactly what marketing is like. You see to be a successful fisherman not only do you need great tools but you need a great strategy along with tactics.

Imagine: you have now paid for the best equipment. When you arrive at the pond, before you get there you ask questions about the pond.

  • Are there fish there?
  • What size are they?
  • Do they bite?
  • Are they top feeders?
  • Are they bottom feeders?
  • What is the very best bait?
  • What do they prefer as food?
  • What secret tips can you advise in fact ... the list can be endless?

Because if you do not do your homework, you won't know what strategy or tactic to use so you catch the fish you really want.

Marketing is like fishing. If you don't do your homework fully even with the best equipment in place ... you won't get any business!

In my experience there are two types of clients I deal with.

1. Those with create strategies, great tactics but create poor marketing.

Those types can create sales overnight when good, strong marketing strategies are applied.

Here's an example. I had an email from a client recently. Before I worked with her company on average she was selling just 1 book a month from her site.

She had an incredible amount of traffic going through her website, yet conversions were very, very low.

She hired me to write new copy for her. She now sells on average... 31.2 books per month!

If she had sold two books that would be a 100% increase in sales. Now she sells 31.2 books .... or ... about a 3,000% increase in sales.

And there are clients like this. 2. They spend a fortune on copy. They spend a small fortune on web pages. They invest a stack of cash into printing.

Yet, they have no strategy, no tactics in place. They simply throw what they have into the market place and HOPE, HOPE, HOPE they will get a sale.

In my experience these clients NEVER sell. They usually fold. In fact one client I dealt with in 2005 lost his home because he spent a fortune on his tools and didn't invest a minute into researching where his fish were!

So I need to tell you this, very direct for your own sake and your business sake!

  • Brilliant copy alone is NOT ENOUGH to guarantee sales! I do not guarantee massive sales from copy alone.
  • Failure to plan your tactics and strategy usually results in devastating business collapse.

(NOTE: in our experience the lowest response rates come from bought or rented mailing or email lists when using direct mail or email.

Here at Orange Beetle, we DO NOT guarantee any conversion numbers from bought lists! Please take proven advice before renting lists)

Also if you are selling licensed products via the web, we do not guarantee any third party system despite massive claims. We deliver great copy – you do the rest.

My advice to you is this; hire me for some consulting at an early stage. This could save you a small fortune long term.

The copy we write for you is the very same technique we have been using for years to generate millions of pounds yet ... if you fail to plan properly ... even having the best copywriters will not increase your sales.

If you need to talk about strategies or planning just email us, we can help, it's what we do!

Questions you must now ask yourself.

  • Have I watched all of the DVDs, put the tips and strategies into action and have personally proved they work?
  • Have I researched the product inside and out?
  • Have I researched the mind of the buyer and the market place?
  • Can I answer almost any question any buyer will ask me about these products or the experts on the products?
  • How am I going to drive traffic onto my webpage’s or into my sales funnel?
  • Do I understand it takes time, effort and cost to build a sales funnel? (quote: Jay Conrad Levinson says it takes 7 shows of a direct mail piece to get noticed, 14 show to create arousal, 21 shows to get a sale”
  • Do I have the time, patience and finances to make this happen?
  • Am I getting the very best advice and directions?
  • Do I understand there is not really any such things as fast-track?
  • Have I written out and created my goals, visions, plans for this business?
  • What strategies out of the 225 available in marketing am I using?
  • I understand if I don’t use multiple strategies I am liable to fail?
  • Can I write down 15 strategies I will be using to promote my new business?

That's not the end, it's just the start.

Direct mail can be a hugely profitable business but when no sales come in it can also be a hugely expensive business.

And of course there are more questions... make sure you do your homework before investing a penny into Direct Mail.

I hope this helps you. Alan Forrest Smith. Orange Beetle

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