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Jon is in the Air Force.

In fact Jon has been in the Air Force most of his adult life.

He knows about planes, knows about weapons, know how to get ready for inspection, is fit, active and ready at a moments notice to go to battle.

What Jon didn't know about was how to create an income outside the Air Force. You know, how to make cash and make cash fast.

Jon knew he couldn't take a job after all who'd employ him?

He made the decision to work for himself, start his own business. This was another problem because Jon had no idea how to get started with business.

Then we met.

Jay Conrad Levinson

We met at a small gathering where I had been invited for dinner with one of my heroes Jay Conrad Levinson. The next day I stayed over and shared some of my advice with Jays group.

This is how I met Jon.

A few weeks later I got a call, it was Jon. He asked me if I could help him with some business stuff so he joined my mentor program.

We talked on the phone, I reviewed, critique, guided and directed Jon. We went over literally stacks of ideas.

Here's what Jon just sent over.

“Alan thank you mate!!! From our first call you identified the marketing channels that we’re relevant to my business and showed me how to use them like a seasoned pro.

I had struggled for months and spent hours trying to build a wordpress site for my business. It looked amateur at best. You threw open your contact address book for me and put me in touch with his your team.

When I asked him for a quote I was expecting to be writing a big cheque - I was wrong! 3 weeks later I had a professional website, and with your guidance - high converting - for a fraction of the cost I was expecting.

When I think back I really regret the precious time I wasted trying to build my own site. You taught me the importance of leverage and finding the right people to work with very, very fast!

By the way ... You also increased my return rate by a massive 30% using just a single marketing technique... Thanks Alan!

Big thanks Alan for the systems, advice and direction, it's working fast!"

Jon Taylor

Jon now has the ability to

  • Create a new life
  • Build business fast
  • Use effective marketing
  • Write great copy
  • Never get a job again

He is making more than good money and hasn't left the Air Force yet! He'll be fine!

His business if growing alarmingly fast. He has been on the radio and getting regular media coverage.

Jon thanks me but I thank Jon for allowing me to share my skills with him, then having the good fortune to stand back and watch his business and the man himself grow.

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