Direct Marketing Success Story Dan Moore


From 0.8% to 3.8% - FOUR-FOLD Increase!

Now and then it's nice for me to share a clients little story.

Dan is a mentor client of mine.

That's Dan above showing off in his custom car. He sent it to make me jealous, he knows I love custom everything.

Sometimes life isn't as smooth as we like, as you'll read.

Dan used to be a plumber.

I say used to be, he is self-employed now rather than working for his dad. They never fell out, in fact quite the opposite, Dan worked with his dad until his dad died very suddenly.

It was Dad's business Dan worked in. It was Dad's house Dan lived in. Suddenly a steady, OK, paced lived went hurtling down towards the ground with no immediate stop in sight.

Not only was that bad enough but Dan lived with his dad and now his dads home for whatever reason was being taken back with Dan being asked to leave ASAP!

When Dan was speaking to me he told me the thought of starting his own plumbing business from scratch or patching up his Dad's bankrupt business had zero appeal for him.

He had an idea.

It was this and it was this based on research.

  • Women want to look younger.
  • Women want breasts they feel good about.

The marketplace is huge yet Dan found a serious hole in supply that he decided to fill.

That's what Dan did.

He sourced premium grade products, discovered how to put the product in front of the buyers and began to sell his stuff. Sounds easy I know but it wasn't.

The reason it wasn't because Dan had found the magic formula of sending steady traffic in his webpage's yet converting into buyers was low.

That's when he go in touch with me. We looked over his marketing and campaign again.

For me some things were blatantly obvious. Dan had become good at writing copy but it was in that usual formulaic way most people are taught.

Here was his problem.

His copy was good but it never matched his target audience.

We changed it.

He makes money ... in fact last time we spoke he had done around $98,000 in sales. Not bad for a plumber!

So he sent me this little note.

Here it is.

"When I joined Alan as his mentor student I outlined what I wanted from him starting with my website, within the first week he critiqued my site detailing the changes to make on the copy and layout. After adjusting the sales copy and layout how he explained by the second week my sales conversion increased by a staggering 3% from 0.8% to 3.8%.

So that's going from one sale to four sales! In other words increased my sales FOUR-FOLD!

I just did what he suggested I do!

I didn't even have to spend more money on driving any extra traffic to make more sales. He knows just what potential customers are thinking and also showed me exactly how I can communicate with them more effectively by using results based copywriting techniques.

This was my key to selling!

Alan is insightful and inspiring, whenever I finish a mentor call with him I always feel energised and can't wait to put his strategies into action. IF you know where you want to take your business Alan will help you get there for sure."

Internet entrepreneur, Dan Moore.

Just in case you're wondering, Dan managed to buy his Dad's old house. He's now making enough money to not only buy his own place but also get a custom show car in his hands that I'm jealous of.

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