Direct Marketing Consultant for The Bad Economy

Will Your Business Survive 2013?

  • Generate £800,000
  • Slash Marketing Costs
  • Multiply Profits
  • Huge Turnaround
  • Proven System
  • Save Your Marriage

What's the actual value of good advice from someone that can give you good advice? Sometime ago I had a client that was mailing to around 5,000 per month. His sales were almost zero. He contacted me and asked for good advice. We met, we talked and he left thanking me. alancontent1

The advice I gave him cost him a fee of course - he paid for 4 hours of my time.

  • His sales from that advice were just over £800,000 in just under a year.
  • His marketing costs were reduced to almost zero from almost £10,000 a month
  • His newly discovered sales and profits went through the roof.

This was a huge turnaround for him as his wife had told him if this carries on - she is leaving with their 3 kids.

You see marketing and making your business work is more than what goes on in your business. It affects your life, affects your relationships and it affects the way you live and breath each day.

If you can't get your business to work and won't take good advice I always suggest to clients they simply get a job otherwise they will spend years in pain and struggle.

This year is looking like a real tough one for clients that are contacting me. It's not that business isn't happening, its more that real fear has set in due to the relentless media hype over the economy.

Streets are empty, shops are shutting and the public are making tougher choices over who they spend their hard earned cash with.

So you need to make sure you are maximising every outlet, every strategy and every trick in the book to make sure your business survives.

Are you doing that? I believe this is a good year for smart business people but for those that sit and hope and wait and keep their fingers crossed … the game will be over.

How smart will you be? If you had to answer right now this one simple question what would your answer be…

Q. List the five most powerful marketing strategies you are using today in your business?

And then maybe add on the end of that how much per hour do all of these strategies make you?

It's a simple but life saving exercise because if you can't do that - you could be the type that is sitting, waiting, wishing and hoping it all work out fine.

Of course i can help you and I am looking to help business like you. Just last year one client of mine experienced a 53.4% turnaround in just 4 weeks.

Another client increased her new customer rate by 400 using a simple flyer that converted at around 12%

And of course last year I saw some failures. One client simply failed to make changes after advice, he failed to listen, he failed to act and failed to make any profits. At the end of last year his business finally failed as I predicted. Now he is about to lose his home and has no idea where he will house his five kids and wife.

Let me assure you of this. In all the years I have worked as a consultant I have never met a business that isn't sitting on gold yet. That means you are probably also sitting on gold but do you know how to get to it?

Last year I personally had my best year in years! I saw clients grow, expand and deliver some fantastic services for their customers.

We did cool things like

  • Direct mail for clients that would never dream of doing direct mail
  • Joint venture strategies that double incomes
  • Guerrilla marketing tactics that saved thousands and made hundreds of thousands
  • We used tactics, tools and strategies all designed around the business and the customers of the businesses.

This year can be a great year for you but you have to ask yourself what action plans do you have in place to ensure not just your success but your survival?

Are you too busy to do anything about it? I see busy people going bust all the time.

You know the guy above with the five kids. The main reason he never did anything was he said he was always too busy to get them done. Even children look busy running around all day and then falling asleep at night. Is that you? Are you simply too busy to take any action yet that action will transform your business.

The guy at the start of this email has been busy for a long time and was fast going bust. He was smart. He took time out of his business (a full month in fact). We planned his business from scratch. Scrapped his previous marketing ideas that were leading into oblivion. He then carefully listen, implemented and finally counted the rewards.

His reward was

  • Generated over £800,000 despite bing in the red
  • Slash Marketing Costs from £10,000 a month to around £200 per month
  • Multiply Profits dramatically
  • Turnaround was almost instant
  • Followed a proven system
  • Saved his marriage

Alan I have no money for marketing? Really?

Here's what I see all of the time. I once met a client I refused to work with. He came to the meeting on a new Bentley that he had on lease. He also had a very expensive Vertu phone and a gold wrapped Cartier watch on his wrist.

Very quickly during the meeting he told me how he was making no profits and struggling to get any sales of his products. They we selling around 20 units a week but need to sell at least 25 a day.

After a two hour meeting we both went our separate ways and I sent over a proposal and quote for him.

Within  minutes of the proposal going over he emailed me back and told me that he had no money for marketing and could I work for him on a promise of a percentage on any sales we got using my proven systems.

I called him and said… "John (name changed), you drive a £125,000 Bentley, you live in a £2,000,000 house, you were the best watch and talk on the best phone yet you are telling me you cannot spend any money on marketing?"

I refused his business. Around 9 months after we spoke the bailiffs arrived and John was declared bankrupt yet he could have had all of those things and more if he had made an investment into his marketing. Now there nothing wrong with having the good things in life - when the business is working - but if its not working it'll lead to disaster.

This is pretty common. But this is not a year where you can play games with your business, you are going to need to get it right.

George spent one hour with me and slashed a massive £100,000 from his marketing budget

Steve spent some time with me and generated over £60,000 in a couple of weeks

How about we talk and talk about how I can help you make 2013 the best year ever for your business? Does that sound impossible? It's not, it's very, very possible.

All you have to do is ask for advice. For the next 7 days only I am slashing my hourly consulting rate by a goliath 50% to help anyone that wants advice that works.

Do you think after what you have read paying me almost anything per hour is worth is to save your business or expand your business?

Just so you know when I talk with you about your business I will find the fastest, lowest, easiest way for you to increase sales. No innovation - just pure sales and then we innovate and create some real magic.

How does that sound? Despite the economy you have nothing to worry about if you take decisive action today and that has to start with good advice.

If that's what will help you, lets talk. Email me with the answers to the following questions.

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Don't worry, everything is going to be fine if you are one of those that take action In your service.

Alan Forrest Smith