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Alan here with some quick Orange Beetle updates on our consulting services.

  • Orange Beetle consulting is now open for face-to-face consulting weekly.
  • Location will vary (yours or our HQ or over Skype, Phone, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.
  • Most consulting will take place at our wonderful old farmhouse Hope Cottage in Lymm,Cheshire
  • New Special Consulting
  • Train Your Team - We come to you and train your team how to do marketing for the 21st century.
  • OrangeJuiceBox - This is a MasterMind designed to rapidly unlock and expand your business into new sales and momentum
  • SALON SPECIALIST SERVICES - We now offer a specialist services for salons especially those with groups or chains of salons
  • JUGGERNAUT TRAFFIC & CONVERSION- This is bigger companies that want massive traffic and better conversions especially on the web. (note: one of our clients is now doing from £86,000 daily from JUGGERNAUT)
  • Prices now start from £200 per hour to £1,200 per hour (Team OB and Alan)
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and residual consulting available - please ask. (Price to be agreed)

NEW consulting starts from NOW and to celebrate THIS WEEK ONLY Consulting is HALF PRICE ... More in a moment!

First let me share a small story with you about a Dentist.


Niall is a premium dentist with a great reputation. In fact he has the number one dental clinic in Windsor.

Niall paid for 2 hours. He wanted to talk to me about a couple of things.

First was the fact that over 5,000 patients had gone missing from the practice over the last 18 months (not uncommon for dentists in UK since private dentistry became mainstream).

His question was; "what can I do with this list of names?" He asked; "Do I simply delete them or should I forget them?"

After 30 minutes I showed Niall one of my proven tricks to pull back at least 60% of those missing clients into his business!

Niall also asked: "what is the best way to write to my patients without sounding like a salesman?"

You see in a business like dentistry they still have an issue with advertising. They get a sense of 'selling out and looking cheap' if they advertise.

Niall is nothing like that, he is a very smart guy. He understands it's all about profits.

I revealed to Niall at least 20 quick direct marketing tricks and tips to write successful direct mail based on proven methods that have generated millions in sales.

I also showed Naill easy to follow strategies so he could maximise his direct mail and lower his expenses by thousands during the process.

In fact Niall had 3 hours booked. After just 2 he told me that was enough. I delivered more in 2 hours than he had the stomach to digest.

Anyway here is what Niall said ... "'Alan I have to say in your emails you always sound pretty switched on. However I was terrified of meeting you in real life, no idea why.

To the extent I called at least 3 friends for reassurance.

One friend (Nicola Cairncross) knows you. When I told her I was thinking of coming along to meet you I ask her 'would it be worth the cash?' She laughed and said ... 'at that price snap Alan's hand off it'll be more than worth it!'

So Alan, what an incredible couple of hours. Worth it, every single penny, thank you again. Niall"

Consult with Alan or Orange Beetle Team.

Alan has two spaces free to consult with you this week (Nov 26th - Dec 2nd). If you need the edge, if you need growth, if you are stuck, if you need more sales over xmas or you simply need more strategy, more direction and good solid advice. 27 years and a ridiculously good track record gives you results.

Team O.B has 4 slots available. Good for start ups, traffic issues, conversion issues and those that want solid advice. HALF PRICE CONSULTING THIS WEEK ONLY! Text 00 44 7793 069 486 with the word CONSULTING or email for more information.

Just one hour with us can literally transform everything about your business... GET IN TOUCH NOW!

HALF PRICE OFFER ENDS ON FRIDAY In your service. Alan Forrest Smith P.s if you want Alan please get back to us right away as any kind of offer with Alan always gets snatched up fast! CALL US NOW ... 00 44 7793 069 486