Will 2013 Change For You?


How Has 2012 Been For You?

Did you make the changes, smash the habits and achieve the levels you thought you would? Was it a year that started with a promise and has ended exactly the same.

Even worse … Christmas is almost here and you are struggling to pay for everything. So this year it was going to be different.

The year before that was also going to be different for you The year before that also was going to be different

But the reality is for you …

  • 2012 has been a struggle
  • 2012 has been more of the same
  • 2012 has been endless survival

2012 has been exactly the same as all the years that have gone before it Why?

You might have had good intentions but it never paid off You simply didn't make time You just could afford the changes

In fact there can be many reasons 2012 didn't work out for you (AGAIN) but are those reasons just excuses for something you failed to do?

Taking on new ideas, learning new systems, buying books, going to seminars and even learning from masters is all a step forward and of course in 2012 you might have done just that!

But the one thing you might not have done is this six letter word …

A.C.T.I.O.N. Or maybe you never even got to that stage?

Either way maybe this is your time to step up and shine, maybe this should be the year you CREATE not wait for change, maybe this is the year you should finally take the huge action you need to make 2013 a new life for yourself, your family and anyone else you are responsible for.

I can help you. My team can help you. Together we can make 2013 a chain reaction of events that will have you looking, feeling and seeing a new person every time you look in the mirror and every time you look at your ATM machine.

2013 has two things from here that will help you.


The investment is enough to put any one off at a glance - $40,000 but look at this!

Lets say your life has been the same for the past 5 years with no change. You have tried but you still earn £25,000 a year and struggle.

MENTOR has been proven to generate well over £100,000 for students and in one case hundreds of thousands more all in periods of anything from weeks to months to a year!

So over 5 years the same old routine will generate £125,000 for you on average.

Over the same 5 years MENTOR has been proven to create well over £500,000 in that same period and at the same time transforming the lives of those that come in my MENTOR.

Would you like to be handed £125,000 for a job over the next 5 years or have the opportunity to create £500,000 over the next couple of years?

If you want 2013 to be the start of your new life you know the choice is obvious.

MENTOR 2013 - Everything you need to know about my life changing MENTOR PROGRAM 2013 is here


Now - YOUR BUSINESS … the same as above - how did it go in 2013?

  • You know you have great products
  • You know you have amazing services
  • You know customers and clients love you
  • You also know the profits are not what they should be
  • You apse realise it's probably due to one thing and thats no marketing or bad marketing.
  • You need an expert but can't afford one
  • You need powerful sales driven marketing but you can't afford it
  • You need ads, webpages and sales tools that sell yet … the recession hit you bad and you simply don't have a huge budget.

2013 can still be incredible despite the 3-triple dip recession predicted

How? I might be interested in working with you - would you be interested in working with me?

All you need to know about working with me can be found on this page.


Finally 2013 dent have to be anything like 2012 or any year before that.

  • If you allow it to be - it will be.
  • If you do nothing - it will be the same old story.
  • If you just hope and wait for a miracle - you might be waiting until your final moment.

Its up you YOU to create your own life. It's choices you make that created the life you are living right now. It's the habits, the repeats and the same old thing that is holding you rooted to the spot. I promise you it call all change - everything can change. But of course - it's up to you.

What is stopping you?

  • Fear?
  • Money?

Successful people have built business without money while confronting their fears.

I loved Duncan Banatynnes story when he took a huge risk to go from Ice Cream man to care home entrepreneur. He got everyone and anyone he knew to take a risk by collecting cash on credit cards.

He had taken a calculated risk. He worked out the chances of failure were pretty slim. He worked out the returns could be huge.

Are you thinking like that? Are you thinking about creating a new life or business and not even giving spec to the things that might stop you - fear and cash?

Never forget - your life is time and time is life. If your life ends at 70 how many years have you remaining. If you leave it to be the same - will the results be any different?

This is a golden opportunity on a plate for you yet will you take it or will you have another 'good enough excuse' to stand still and repeat another year like 2012 into 2013.

I'd love to work with you, to help and guide you, I am here right now waiting to hear from you. But of course … that depends on how much you really feel you deserve change.

MENTOR 2013 page is here.

Work With Alan Page is here.

In your service Alan Forrest Smith