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"FROM: £10 per hour full-time

TO: £200 part-time consultant"

"I changed my job from endless hours in the the city to working from home. I change my income from an average £10 per hour to £200 per hour. I work when I like, as I like and how I like thanks to being a Protégé of Alan’s. Last year was my most successful yet! Now I’m ready to build my own empire and with Alan’s help I know we can do it."

Protégé X

(name withheld for privacy)

  • Protégé: Jason: Street Punk To High-Earning Copywriter (well into the hundreds of thousands)
  • Protégé: Stephen: Lost Over-Qualified Student To High-Demand Copywriter Earning Over $90,000 Within 12-Weeks Of His training
  • Protégé: Dilly’s: From Bank Clerk to Copywriter – Her First Job Paid her £2,000 Just Eight


    Weeks Into Her Training

  • Protégé: Stuart: From Carpenter To a Brilliant Copywriter
  • Protégé: Vincent: University graduate To Copywriter
  • Protégé: Nick: Scientist to a Brilliant Copywriter
  • Protégé: Caroline: Her New Skills Delivered Her a Brand New Life With Results To Match
  • Protégé: Alison: The Nurse That Took More In One Day Than She Ever Made With 3-Months Work!
  • Protégé: Kevin: Went To Turnover $2.4 Million With His New Skills

"I can call Alan anytime of anyway on his private mobile. I can arrange short moment meetings over Skype and I can get advice on how to change or make any of my ideas turn into cash fast"

Everything you hate in your life can change. Job, career, income levels and even your habits - MENTOR is designed to force change with you. This time next year could be so very different but only if that is what you truly want. If it is read all of this page for a one-off opportunity!

Dear friend

See that photo above?

That is one of my own MENTORS the brilliant Jay Conrad Levinson. If it wasn't for his book Guerrilla Marketing in the early 1990s I don't think my first businesses would have survived. We finally met in 2008 and became good friends. That is Jay visiting me in Manchester for dinner. I loved everything about him. It took me a long time to learn I had to ask for advice. Only then did life really begin to change for me. I would say for sure I was a Protégé of Jay's.

Now back to business.

Around 3-years ago I had a call from a young and new consultant. I remember it well.

He had left his job in the 200 miles-per-hour city where his corporate job had been squeezing the life out of his young body and had now tried starting a consulting business selling his knowledge.  After just 6-months of trying everything was in a mess for him.MENCAROL

When I say a mess his rent hadn’t been paid, his living costs were now on credit cards and he was behind with everything including smaller things like his phone and his web connection. If he lost something as simple as his phone his business would be sunk.

I remember the call really well because when he called I was having a small fight with my mad mother at the time.

She kept calling me and shouting at me and I was trying to hold back while getting madder and madder by the second. After about 10-frantic calls from my mother my phone rang again only to be answered by myself shouting ‘leave me alone.’

The voice at the other side replied ‘sorry is this Alan?’

I quickly realised it wasn’t my mother and someone else. I explained, we laughed and then he went on to tell me how mad his mother is also so we laughed again and started the call. Mothers!

He needed urgent advice, he had also heard about my work over the years and was told by his uncle to contact me after his uncle saw me speaking with Jay Abraham as far back as 2003. And since then he always liked the idea of working with me at some level. Of course I love it when people tell me I am great so my head was growing by the second.

After explaining he had no idea what to do next we went through some of his numbers.

For one hour of consulting he was currently charging £19.00

Now I’m not sure where the number came from but that was his one-hour rate. He told me that he thought it would be good to double his city rate and it came to £19.00.

I asked him if he travels to meet clients?

He replied he did.

I asked him how far would you travel?

He replied he would travel as far as the client was located.

He told me that he once travelled all the way to Scotland to do a two hour consulting session… £38 for two hours.

His train fare and full-day travelling went into the hundreds.

He also told me sometimes he likes to do full day training absolutely free.

I asked why?

He told me it makes him feel good.

OMG I thought I bet it make him and more than him the people that go feel even better after all no one values free!

So after a 15-minute call I arranged for him to come to my office/home for one hour.

That one hour he paid in full £1,200

He also paid for that hour in his credit card (not something I advise or like) unless you have a stable income flow.

He arrived and frankly he looked a bit of a mess and was all over the place. His knowledge was good, his positioning and presentation wasn’t.

So we talked and nailed down his biggest problems right now and then we went over his big plan or destination.

His big problem was he needed cash fast because his income had been zero yet his costs had been rising. £19 here and there never built an empire!

The first project I worked on with him brought in just over £7,000. Not millions I know but this guy had a flow of zero.

That was literally a couple of weeks after we spoke. That got him out of the mess he was in. The next goals for him were as follows.

  • His city income was around £30,000 – he wanted to replace that income and have some spends for the first year at least.
  • He also wanted to go abroad more and travel a little.
  • He also wanted to have a better apartment.
  • He also really wanted structure in his business and more time and less stress in his business.

So we worked together on a very fixed plan.

  • I increased his hourly rate to £200.
  • I helped him create new specialists services.
  • He re-wrote all of his copy under my direction.
  • He redesigned his website under my direction.
  • I positioned him as the best and one and only option.

Now it’s taken a while to get this guy with a mother madder than mine in tow but I can tell you this…

He emailed me last week to tell me he had just reached a milestone.

  • It isn’t millions.
  • It isn’t hundreds of thousands.
  • It isn’t even one hundred thousands.

It’s actually just less than one hundred thousand pounds but clearly he doesn’t want me to reveal the precise number here.

Last year he traveled out of the country four times.

He also had 9 weeks off in total.

He has cleared every penny of debt and despite screwing up his credit ratings he is well on track to better and bigger things.

He also has just a couple of clients he is working with and now looking for his big client for this year.

I told him there is just one thing we can both do to create the ultimate happiness and that is sell our mothers in eBay. He laughed but I was serious!

You know why that is such a great and powerfully sexy little life-changing story?

It’s not all about cash; it’s about him finding happiness through his business. He wants money but he really wants his freedom and happiness. I’d say he is well on track.

Here’s the other thing I wanted to share with you.

He started all of this THREE YEARS ago now.

How Many Years Have You Been Stuck?

You see for some (and maybe even you) reading this letter they will think three years is a long time yet the real question is not the three years of transformation but the many many years of stale, same old rotting state that most people live in their jobs, the incomes and their lives, day in and day out.

But the problem is most people want everything now - DO YOU? After all we are an everything now, on-demand society. That means we don’t want to wait, we don’t want time to pass, we don’t want to build and build properly. Not everyone but the majority of mankind is fed that endless 'get it now' mantra.

I can remember when I bought my first house. Now I know I’m going off track a little here but listen close.Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.09.18

I had to rebuild this little place brick by brick. (thats the tiny cottage to the right here).

I then lived in the house for a year on my own with no plaster finish on the walls.

I also never had a sofa and in fact had two deckchairs and a large beanbag in my lounge. After around two years I finally bought two sofas. Maybe after five years the house was furnished.

Today I see my own kids and those around me and they want everything now. Even in business I speak to so many people about new business, fixing business and how they want it now.

When Will I Get Rich?

  • I have clients call me today and ask me for an actual date when they will make XYZ dollars or pounds.
  • I have clients call me and ask for a rough idea when they will make their first £100k or even first £1 Million.
  • I even have clients that call me and ask me the easiest and fastest way to get rich without doing anything!

So it’s a real breath of fresh air to work with someone real, honest and open and most of all realistic and patient about their own ability and results.

In three years this guy has put down foundations, created systems, positioned and branded himself, wrote amazing copy and worked very closely with myself for a better future.

I don’t make a killing with him but I would consider his story a major success!

Protégé MENTOR CAN Change Everything For YOU!

I will tell you now he didn’t pay a ton of cash upfront because he simply couldn’t afford to.

He paid for MENTOR and became a MENTOR Protégé.

What’s the difference?

  • MENTOR is a bespoke set period of time with a single payment.
  • MENTOR Protégé is 12-month fully supported, all-access MENTORING with a single upfront payment and a minimum 12-month profit care partnership.

You have access to me all the time, anytime for all of your work, your advice, and your directions. For example if you have to send out a quote or you are unsure of how to deal with a client so the client converts,  you call me and avoid the simple mistakes most make. Avoiding the mistake can make you thousands yet making the mistake can lose you thousands.

I make sure all of your pricing, quotes, branding, positioning, marketing and more convert into sales. The examples above have all have gone from zero to where they are now.


We simply work as partners and I take a percent of your turnover plus some other things that we both benefit from.

You'll  feel its fair after all you wouldn’t get the deals if it wasn’t for myself fine tuning everything that you really do need help with in year one.

I feel it’s fair as you wouldn’t have the success you'll if it wasn’t for my 30-years of front-line and real business experience.

Now and then my  can meet up, get drunk on coffee and make a plan or two.

My MENTOR Protégé above told me this year he wants to quantum leap his business into 500k from 100k. I know that’s easy for him as long as he behaves and avoids his mother!

YOU Are Invited To Be a MENTOR Protégé

That simply means this…

We talk over the phone (old school or Skype new school)EGO2200(2)

We both decide to make it happen or not

We get started.

Now …

I have to say because I do get emails about this… I do NOT build anyone’s business for FREE so don’t insult me by asking please (I did say please). An advance is required according to what we discuss.

If you are brand new in business and need help this will be for you.

If you want life changes and need help and directions creating new incomes, business and directions this is for you.

If you are established and not quite getting the results you really need – this is definitely for you.

I have created messages and work that has transformed lives and I am more than proud to say that to you.

I have also consulted and worked on businesses that have saved marriages, saved homes and even reconciled separated couples after money pressure ripped them apart.

I even saved a high-street shop being closed due to a huge tax-demand after creating a very special windfall system that generated just over £24,000 in a week.

I’ve written letters that sold millions of cars.

I’ve written letters that made lovers fall in love.menkevin

I’ve written words that have built small empires

I’ve even written words that sold well over ten million in sales in less than two weeks.

Positioning branding and more – over 30-years I’ve done it with my own business and with my clients and now friends business.

Yet nothing makes me smile more than the story I told you at the start of this.

It feels firms, feels good, feels exciting for this thirty-something and make my big fat ego grow even more that I’ve helped someone lay down a foundation to a better life.

Even if we never work a second together let me remind you of this.

Time is life.

The very moment you are born you time begins to countdown to your last moment. It never increases – NEVER.

What are you doing with your time?

That of course is your choice and maybe a subject for another time.

Finally …

If you really like the idea of creating a new way of doing things, new patterns new habits and new directions with an expert that is accomplished to back you up and support you – lets talk because MENTOR Protégé might just be perfect for you.


  • MENTOR Protégé is a 12-24 month contract
  • There is a one-off advance payment to be agreed
  • There are bonuses as well as percentages to be agreed on your sales
  • YOUR LIFE - we will plan and build your business accordingly
  • YOUR INCOME - we will plan in detail and build your business accordingly


  • How to start a business
  • How to build a business properly
  • How to market your business
  • How to brand and position your business
  • How to make everything work in your business
  • How to create deals, make deals and seal deals
  • How to design your business for the road and travel
  • How to create a life that is first and an income that supports that life
  • How to build partnerships
  • How to sell and understand buyers
  • How to set up your websites for traffic
  • How to convert everything into cash
  • How to sell online
  • How to sell online
  • How to safely leave the job that is killing you and start a fresh as an entrepreneur
  • And everything I know that will help you I will be more than happy to share with you.

MENTOR Protégé CAN change everything for you but only if that is what you want?


That’s your choice.

Your life can change after all I transformed my own and have helped many others make huge changes in their life style, incomes and business.

Although some of my clients have become Millionaires many haven't but they have created all-new incomes that have given them freedom from jobs, freedom from routines and freedoms to be able to do more in life. One previous MENTOR of mine now travels the world and makes his income on the go just as I do.

You can do the same, its easier than you think when you know how.


If you need extra cash and want to make more money a few hours a week this can be for you. If you want a complete life overhaul and need new skills to make the leap this is for you. If you are currently in business yet seriously under-perfoming MENTOR Protégé can also be for you (also look at EMPIRE here) . Many of my clients have no experience, some have a little and some even have a lot yet this is the perfect way to expand your business fast or start a new one without all the common mistakes everyone makes.inner_header2

PHOTO: Meet Stuart, he has a plan to bemuse a full-time paid writer despite he has been a carrot for over 30 years. His writing is brilliant since I have mentored him.

I'm ready if you are?

Because you have me for 24-hour access for 12-months a year I can only work with TWO MENTOR Protégé a year so if this turns you on you need to be quick.

I know you are wondering about the payment?

MENTOR Protégé starts from £15,000 and includes bonuses, commissions, shares or percentages. The deal will be heavily set-up for you but the deal is unique also to you. Please ask.

EXAMPLE. If you earn nothing as a self employed entrepreneur right now paying me anything will feel high right? If I show you how to generate £100,000 a year paying me 10% will feel good am I correct?

Yet look at this.

I have helped many business generate many hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales (more than a few millions). I have given many individuals another shot at  life by doing something that has totally re-energized their life and dreams for the future.

How can that have a price for you?

  • Imagine your dreams
  • Imagine your hopes
  • Imagine your goals
  • Imagine your income
  • Even image the kind of life you want to live

THAT IS WHAT working with myself in MENTOR Protégé is all about.

I'm waiting to hear from you - call me right now and lets do something amazing for you and myself this year.


Text UK: 07793 069 486 with word PROTÉGÉ

Text outside UK 00 44 (0) 7793 069 486 with word PROTÉGÉ

Use the contact form on OrangeBeetle

Hit reply to this email.


To save time before you get in touch make sure you can say yes to the following.

  • YES I am happy to work with an agreed contract
  • YES I ma happy to agree a percentage of turnover
  • YES I am happy to be flexible and moldable for change
  • YES I will listen to everything you say and not oppose your expertise
  • YES I think it is more than fair an agreed advance is made
  • YES I will commit to a 12-month plan
  • YES I will commit to meeting at least once every three months
  • YES I promise to never take you to a coffee shop for a meeting but a high-end place we can hang out in and share stories of life.

If you said yes to the above …

Lets do this.

You know where I am and how to get me.

The rest is your choice.STE1(1) Do the same old same old or try something proven. That is up to you.

The mentor with the mad mother.

Alan Forrest Smith

Ps the picture to the left is myself and MENTOR Protégé Ste. He invested $25,000 to work with myself. He flew from Sydney Australia TWICE to work with me and be taught by myself. Within 12 weeks of his training Steve had turned over $90,000 - IN JUST 12-WEEKS. That was enough for him to drop his college eduction and start a small empire as a consultant and writer.

Now se me and this woman to the right? Thats Dilys. She had just left her job in banking yet within 8 weeks of working with myself she had been paid her first £2,000 from a client. That was more in a day then she earned in a month at her banking job. Exciting right?

Finally see this one here of me in the middle of the trees. The leaves you can see are on a Walnut tree. This is a home we have in the mountains of Georgia at a village called Bori. I am 'working' and getting paid while I am there. I love to share with you how I do that.boriwriter

Finally see this photo below of the packages? Just last week I earned over £2,000 on eBay. I spent literally minutes doing so. The postage and packing is a real pain yet was it worth spending an hour doing this for over £2,000 in selling? Of course! I'd love to show you how I do that also. How to find what to sell, how to find how to sell and the best times of the day and days of the week to sell on. I have tested them and can share with you exactly what works. think about this.

£2000 a week on eBay is over £100k a year almost passive income. Cool right? W can even work on that during your MENTOR Protégé if that is what hits your switches.

FullSizeRender-1I'm waiting to hear from you - call me right now and lets do something amazing for you and myself this year.


Text UK: 07793 069 486 with word PROTÉGÉ

Text outside UK 00 44 (0) 7793 069 486 with word PROTÉGÉ

Use the contact form on OrangeBeetle


Alan forrest Smith