12 Days Into 2015?


Your Life and Business Resolution - 2015 - 12-Days Later...?


Just 12-days on New Years Eve you were probably one of billions making yourself a promise of a new year like no other.  Am I right?

Did things change last year?

Thing are going to change, things were going to change but actually you've just realised its all the same as before!

  • Stop smoking but you're still smoking.
  • Stop drinking but you squeezed in a glass of wine or two.
  • Change your career, work with a business mentor, build a bigger strong business or even get fit, lose the fat and run your first marathon.

Whatever you promised yourself again like all the millions the changes are you haven't stuck to in the past.

Why Does Change Never Seem To Work For Me?

Because when you are in the mass of others or even just a handful it's easy to make a big promise like no other otherwise you might even feel left out from your group. So the changes you promised yourself don't actually really mean anything despite the fact you probably want change! Right?

So let me ask you - when you get to the end of 2015 (is it really 2015 already?) will your life or business be any different?

There is a way you can know and I'll share it with you but want to share it with a short story.

I have a client that is the most optimistic client I have ever known. When I say he is a client he isn't actually but always wants to be.

He has a habit. He calls me, turns up in places I hang out, catches me on the street and is always smiling, chatting, talking and telling me how amazing everything was and is going to be.


Yet ... ( and here is the future bit) ... When I ask him and speak to him about what he has done or is doing, he never ever does anything different. So because his results are the sae they are actually less.

He runs his business the same but complains about his business because it doesn't make enough cash to cover what he wants in life.

He runs his life the same but complains about his life being the same. (Same equals same right?)

Yet he is always saying how incredible it's going to all be but hasn't grasped that incredible reality that is this.

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  • Different results take different actions.
  • Different actions take different decisions.
  • Different decisions take a moment when you need to say I am no longer doing things the way I have always done them and this time I am doing it different.

Because if you don't do anything different to the way it's always been done or you carry on doing them the same way you have always done guess what?

Your results WILL BE the same. Obvious of course it's a law of nature itself! And because it's a law you can see how easy it is to predict your own future because the same creates the same and more creates more.

So despite the big promises 12-days ago and the big cheers and hopes and resolutions unless you make changes and do things different things will remain the same.

No changes means no change!

Another clients of mine - Dave - finally and I mean a huge finally decided to jump in feet first and do something different with his business. He had run his business for around four years and frankly his results were as he would admit 'pathetic'.

Then one day I had a call from Dave because  his wife finally took a decision for him. She booked him in with myself, we made huge changes and within a few weeks Dave had his first huge windfall of over $300,000 from his business.

So how about your year ... 2015?

It's 12-days in and have you very quickly fallen back into the same old routine? Is your business doing the same old thing the same old stuff yet you are starting that same old routine already because if that's the case this time next year or another 12 days into 2016 we'll be having the same old conversation.

What about your life?

Same planned two week holiday? Same old car? Same wages and in fact with inflation you will be earning less this year if nothing changes. Even worse you might be planning or wanting new changes in your life this year but how will you support them?

Life is like that, it throws everything at us all at once yet if we don't prepare and make changes... Nothing changes.

So it's 12-days in and that means you might have had 12-days to do the same old thing and deep down you know if the same old thing carries on your year will just be another year!


Every years since 2005 I've been mentoring clients with some astonishing results. I've seen life changes, business transformations and more than a few million banked in the process. I've had at least three clients I can think of that we have created huge life saving business turnarounds.

£42k IN 12 HOURS!

One clients spent a weekend with me. After his first day he went to his hotel room and worked like crazy to apply what he had learnt. By the following morning he had done exactly as I told him and that resulted in sales of £42,000 plus for his printing business.


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Another mentor client had days to turnaround her business. We met and created a plan. That plan not only covered all of her outstanding bills including a huge tax bill but it gave her an overall increase in her business of 116%.

I could go on but that sounds like I'm showing off and giving you a hard sell but the truth is this. All the changes that I have seen over the years and I have seen some huge ones are due to this.

Change so slight yet so great it changed everything for them.

So how about your plans for this year?

What are you going to change?

Every year I make big changes - without fail.

I'm happy to share some right now.

This year I am

Downsizing my home. 13 -rooms right now is just overkill as we have homes in Tbilisi Georgia we spend more and more time at.

Riding from London to Italy with a pal on our Harley Davidson's. Why? Because its a long held promise and I want to do it.

Creating a new business that is well underway as I type. Why? I like multiple incomes and this will be another income stream unrelated to anything I have ever done before.

Fitness - I want to create my fitness healthiest body ever. Its tough but I can make the changes to do this.

Income increasing. Why? We want to give more and share more as well as earn more. This is the best way we know how.

This can only be done by changing things and breaking old habits.

How about you?


is bespoke to you

Has transformed lives

Has transformed business

Can give you your best most changed year ever.

All you have to do is get in touch and lets talk.

Fill out the form and if you're not interested i hope this article creates new thoughts in your mind for change.

Your friend and hairy mentor

Alan Forrest Smith