The Same Is Less


This will help you.

I’ll explain the Harley Davidson in a moment further down. Also I had to change a name in the true stories because he reads this new letters and he’d kill me if I mentioned him.

The same is LESS … that’s a fact. Keep reading! First let me share something and then I will show you how to benefit from this.

Every year I go through a process where I look back on my previous 12-months (Jan 1st to Jan 1st) and ask myself the following questions.

Are things any different in life and business?

If the answer is yes I measure it by what vision I had for the previous year, I look at what worked and then ramp things up even more. Even when it’s good I always make changes based on bigger things happening around me or in the world.

If the answer is no I again ask a simple question.


  • Did my habits change?
  • Did my routine change?
  • Did anything change?

Clearly they didn't because nothing changed.

And I'll tell you this; if nothing changed it actually means things get worse. The same is LESS!







A true story.

I love Peter but Peter is Peter and until he does something different his life will remain a mess (that isn’t hard on him – his life is a constant mess). When I say a mess he's like this. He wakes up to start his long day.

The moment he wakes up he checks his email and reads about the success of others. Expert this, guru that and wanna-be him or her. Then when he's ready he jumps in his van where he spends the whole day until late evening driving like a mad man, through lights, through controls and going to fast where he should drive slow.

You’re starting to get the picture?

He's very busy and he still associates being busy with being successful. Yet. He's always broke. He's always behind on everything. His mortgage is always in arrears. The closest he gets to holidays is dropping off his brother at the airport. And he must work seven days a week at least three times a month to keep his head above water.

Together sometime ago we worked out his hourly worth which came to £1.84 per hour. He thought it was at least £10 per hour. Clearly it shocked him but the papers and pen notes didn’t lie!

He's tried change of all sorts of things over the years. He retrained as a landscape expert but hated the cold. He trained as a salesman but never sold a thing. He read that the universe will fix everything and sat and waited for that for another year but nothing happened. He bought into click and get rich Internet programs which made him click and get poor. He even tried licensing products to the point he sold his wife's car to have another final go and yet still sold nothing despite a total investment of just under £25,000. (That’s not a typo)

No wonder his wife has left him four times now and god only knows why she keeps going back! I spoke to him over the holiday break and we talked about the previous year. His income is down (again). His outgoings are up. His hours are unsustainably insane for a 54 year old.

I asked him this question direct...


What have you done differently last year? His reply After a short silence and some thought he replied - Nothing but I believe things will change.

Really Peter?

He reads every email from every self-confessed online expert ever! He puts more faith in them than he does in any real faith yet his results are BAD!

I first met Peter in 2005 and I have no how he survives. By the skin of his teeth I reckon but that doesn’t give him a quality of life. By the way I will be honest he has spent money with me but by his own admission he does not a single thing with his new skills or advices.

This year he wanted to go on my MENTOR but I told him no after all I don't want his wife turning up here and blaming for the fall of Rome!

Interesting right?

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Do the same you don't actually get the same you get LESS!

Here's a simple illustration.

  • Plant one seed you get one flower. That's easy.
  • Plant five seeds you get five flowers if they all survive. That's still easy.
  • But if you plant a whole field with seeds you get a whole field of flowers plus you get enough seeds to plant many many fields of flowers in the future.

Yet planting the field is the tougher yet more rewarding option. Right? So I hope Peter will make changes but he’ll probably do the same and his results will be LESS this time next year.

Anyway …I like to review my own results because I like to enhance my life, create a life with what I need, have the ability to have cash to spend and of course I love to buy my woman the most wonderful things in life. I love doing that and she loves me more for doing that.

So my results year on year shows an increase of just over 27% year on year.

I still took my 12 weeks off. I still only work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I upgraded my car and we are about to upgrade our home. I still only work with one or two clients a year. Yet I'm still reviewing and making bigger changes than ever this year and why? I'm still not getting the results I really want but it's still not a bad result considering my ex-family dragged me through a full destruction bankruptcy just a few years ago with fanfare and horns. They laughed but I had the last laugh (as they say)… From zero to more than everything I could ever need in just a few years.

And why am I sharing that with you?

Because if you don't take serious the art of looking back over the year and reviewing your life and business nothing will change- not a thing. If it remains the same - your actions I mean - your next annual results will be less. The same is LESS!

Because your sub-conscious will work at a desperate level and once your sub-conscious gets a hold that's something you no longer control. Yet on the flip side you can also plant success into your sub-conscious.


Here's again how I do it and I am sharing it to help not so show off. I say things like...

  • Big is never big enough
  • I refuse to settle for anything less than what I want
  • I know where I'm going and know how to get there

I push and work and search until I get what is needed

But the biggest secret for me is this, has always been this and will always be this. I get good advice.

From where?

Yes I pay mentors if I need them and if I have to pay them (which I have to think long and hard about) but I work out the return on my investment before I pay.

I also buy and read books a lot of books but here's a tip on books. I only buy books from real successful people. For example if I want to be the best writer in the world I won't read anything by anyone selling a book about writing because really they haven't done it. I buy Tolstoy, Hemmingway, Dostoyevsky and other literary giants that have sold millions of books like writing by Stephen King.

I spend a lot.

Yesterday we spent just over £50 on books in Waterstones. I double up my reading always supported by audiobooks. I spend literally thousands of pounds on books a year. And in business?

I avoid any online advice (unless it’s a respected expert that has gone online).


For me most have no idea about real business so I go offline and study the most successful models, like Apple for example or AirBnB as a more recent example that I have just read.

Not long ago though I paid $5,000 for advice that I got in 60-seconds. The rest was pure waffle! That advice helped me secure some huge deals. So my changes this year are big despite last year being hugely successful.

Now see that motorbike above?

It's a Harley Davidson and my favorite model. This summer myself and a pal are meeting in London, riding down to Calais then taking a route to Rome where we can sit and talk and watch the beautiful Italian woman sexily walk past us along the piazzas of Rome. No touching of course just two pals riding, talking and hanging out.

Why am I sharing that?

It's a change I'm making based on last year and not enough time doing my thing. If I don't get time for me I produce less and riding a bike clears my mind and allows me to think. Also this year we are changing our lifestyle to fine tune things a little more. Right now we have a house with 13 rooms. As you can imagine some we don't use. We are searching for a large penthouse apartment that's more aligned with our life design, less space but more life. We think we've found one and it's beautiful. I'll share when and if soon and a few more changes as you can hear in the tone of this email.

My life has taught me

If I don’t take risk and make changes things remain the same. If they remain the same that means LESS.

So each year my MENTOR program always sells out but this year I'm doing less than ever because one of my main focuses is my writing.

I’ve just finished the follow-up to Escape from Zoomanity and now working on a new book. In 2015 I be working with just one or two superstar clients for the whole year I'll be taking just THREE MENTOR students for now and I’d love you to be one of them.

Unlike most MENTOR programs I don't take masses of people at low prices I take a tiny amount so if that is you - you get all of my attention. I do my calls, I do my follows up, you visit my home, and you work with me and I support you however you need supported. Together we will review your life, your year, your income we will review everything.

Your program is bespoke for you and you only with what to do and how to do it. Your program not only has income goals but life goals also. And if you have looked at your year and you keep on seeing the same traps, the same losses, the same long hours, the same low income and the same old results.


You want change

And I mean desperately need changes in your life so you can have cash, go on holiday, work hours you want to work and more and are truly ready to make the effort mentor is definitely for you.

  • Jason transformed his whole life in mentor and now earns hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.
  • Sally went from giving away endless advice for free and as good as free to charging £250 an hour in her consulting business
  • Ste earns over $90,000 in less than 12 weeks Because they all realised that doing the same can only give you LESS. I just want to repeat that again.

The same is LESS!

What changes will you make for yourself and your family this January?

Resolutions and best intentions are rarely kept so what are you doing about it? Or Will you keep sitting back and reading about everyone else's life while yours continues to slide out of control?

Don't forget your life is time. The day arrives when your time runs out. You force the change, make the change and do the change now or this time next year you will have and experience less.

For now I have just TWO MENTOR places available.

Again I bespoke everything to you. Just so you know here are a few types I have MENTORED. Corporations and their teams, bank tellers to copywriters, joiners, builders, students, scientists, salesmen, speakers, deadbeats (really), copywriters, writers, nurses, firemen and many many more.

A place for you could mean that your results next year could be unrecognizable. Is that what you want? I make my money from words. How about I show you how to do that? Even as I write to you I am writing to you on my iPhone. I don't even need a computer although I gave state of the art systems.

Life can change, your life can change ... Call me, let's talk and see what we can create together. MENTOR is change but be quick as there are just two places right now.

Your mentor and Harley Davidson lover

Alan Forrest Smith