See that photo above? This year I chose to be fitter than ever in my life. That's myself and Tamuna getting our medals for our 10k survival run over 70 obstacles. Minutes before that photo was taken we had just swam across a 30 foot freezing cold pond and then climbed two sheer eight foot walls at the end of 10k never-ending kilometres. I couldn't have done that when I was 20, 30, or 40 but here I at at 51 making a choice to get fit and make changes.

THE CHOICE is Your Choice

2015 can be everything this year wasn't. Believe it or not that's your choice. In fact everything that happens in your life or business is a choice you and you only made.

If your getting a little in your business right now you're probably doing a little to change anything or if you are doing things they are probably things that you are just hoping and praying will work because you made a choice to try them.

The choice is always yours yet as creatures of habit in every aspect of life we choose what we know although what we know might not be the best for us or our business.

Right now are you doing marketing that isn't bringing you results yet you still do it? Why? First habit and second you made a choice to carry on as usual despite the results.

Yet YOU CAN choose to change everything or make different choices. This isn't even about if you want to because you do probably want to but just have the habit of doing the same old thing or what you know!


Twelve months from right now everything can change for you.

The real truth is ...

2015 can be your best year in business ever!

2015 can feel like a new life is coming with everything you need!

2015 can be everything 2014 and years before haven't been!

But only if you make a choice and do your very best to make the right choice for you.

Here's a simple philosophy I discovered just a few years ago in business and in life.

If it isn't giving me the results I really want I do this.

  1. First I stop everything I'm doing that isn't working.
  2. Second I take a little time and go through all my steps and results to find out why it isn't working
  3. Third a create a new plan based on a carefully thought out strategy designed to get results
  4. Fourth I create the tools needed, get any information through books or experts I'm have at hand.
  5. Fifth I take more action in five days than most will take in a year!
  6. And without fail... It has worked everytime for me over the years.

How about you what do you do and how do you choose?

Do you simply repeat what you know and hope it works again?

Do you keep on playing at being the expert that knows everything so tries a little of everything?

Do you keep on going the same as always believing that hard work pays off.

What choices do you make?

 A story, a true story from the past.

Years ago when I left school I worked as a landscape gardener. Norman was my charge hand and always looked after me. I thought he was really very old. In fact he was 31 years old! norman was totally bald on top but insisted in have all the edges really long beyond his neck. It suited him in a weird way.

This guy could work like a machine. One day the six of us in Norman's gang had to dig some holes in the middle of a large field looking for old land drains. It was a case of dig until you find. This was 1979! After around 60 minutes my hole was around 2 feet deep. At this point Norman had vanished in his. I jumped out of mine and walked over to his. I swear his hole was 8 foot deep and he was digging like a mole on steroids!

I looked down at the top of his shining head to see the sweat poured from him and he looked like he was about to have a heart attack. I asked if he was ok and he simply replied I know that pipe is here somewhere and carried on digging like crazy.

After a while as I slowly dug mine I came across a pipe of clay and this pipe was the old drain. My hole was around 3 feet deep.

Norman's hole was now getting closer and closer to the Australian mainland but in fact all Norman had for all has hard work was a bigger and deeper hole than myself and the others. His choice was to dig and hope!

I learnt early in life that sometimes really hard work doesn't get you the results you want.

We eventually threw down a rope to Norman, he climbed out but because I was laughing I had to back fill the cavernous hole while he drank tea and shouted at me!

These days sonar and maps are used to find pipes and why? Because it's proven to work.

You can work as hard as you like, throw everything you know at your business but if it isn't the right stuff all you end up with is a deep hole in your pocket and a lot of time wasted.

Unless you make changes... Nothing changes. You're not an expert in everything that's just not possible ... the fast you realise the more success you'll gain!

Now 2015 for myself is a year of change. I did my little five step process and decided I had to change everything for the better. 2014 has been my best year ever since my nut-crushing divorce but I want 2015 to be even better and that takes change and change takes choice... the right choice!

And I'd love you to join me but only if you need changes and will do exactly as I say to make those changes happen. It's your choice.

One change I made a few years ago was to work with just a handful of clients rather than many. This year I worked with just two and next year I'm looking to work full on with just one or two clients.

Will You Choose To Be That One Client?

If you have everything already in place for your business like products, materials, staff, structures etc but you also know for a fact your marketing sucks or even if you have no idea about marketing you could be the perfect partner for me.

After one quick chat over the phone I can easily assess the state of your business but be able to tell you if we can together we can make 2015 your best year ever.

How do we work together?

As far as your marketing strategies, your big idea, your positioning, your brand, your copy and many other marketing tools go ... I will handle and advise on everything.

Does this work?

I have yet to meet a business that cannot see dramatic rises in turnover after working with myself!  If that doesn't happen we part ways!

Now before you get in touch and if you have everything in place apart from marketing please read the following.

  • I don't give endless free advice over the phone so we can only talk if you have a serious proposal of some kind.
  • I don't work for free so don't insult me by offering me nothing
  • You must have a set budget for monthly marketing in place
  • You must be open minded to change and new ideas
  • I do nothing without an agreed advance.(yes I still do my barter but only for houses, cars or computing equipment... To be discussed)

Now finally... I'm becoming more and more careful of how I spend, share or give my time. Time for me is life and once that time has gone so has part of my life.

  • I'm looking to load your business with 30 years of my marketing super-powers.
  • I'm looking at big results here for yourself and myself.
  • I'm also looking to create the best year of mine and your business life ever.
  • I cannot and refuse to waste time so please be very direct when we talk with any proposition you feel you might have.

That can only happen if you want change, you choose change and you make change happen and that is your choice.

There's always a ton of excuses but the truth is... It's a choice you have to stand up to and accept.

What choices are you going to make for 2015 in your business and then of course your life?

That's your choice!

So you can make a choice to ignore this message or you make a choice to say that sounds like me and then make a choice to contact me right now.

Not in an hour, not tomorrow but contact me right now.

But of course, you choose, it's your choice.

In my experience so far in life most choose to carry on the same way as always. They have an excuse for everything and an excuse for everything failing and not working and not being as good as it can be. They get to every new year and say next year will be different and guess what - it isn't because they chose to do the same.

I'm determined next year for myself will almost be historic in my business... How about you - will you choose to partner with me?

Will you dig like a machine with hard work and sheer brute force and for what... A big deep hole?

Or will you make a choice that could potentially change everything?

That's your choice.

Contact me right now I'm waiting or hit reply to this email and share what you have to offer.

Your friend and partner

Alan Forrest Smith