Transformational Marketing news July 2016


Transformational Marketing Consultant News July 2016 In a crazier than crazy world, it's always a good to have focus especially when you cannot change the bigger things that we hear and read daily. Let's never forget most of humanity are good people regardless of origin. I wish you peace always.

Let's never forget most of humanity are good people regardless of origin. I wish you peace always.


I hope you are having a great summer despite the endless inches of rain (UK). We are getting ready to head over to our homes in the Republic of Georgia next month or maybe September.

My wife and I have four homes in Georgia now. We rent them out so if you every want a trip that is different memorable and absolutely 100% safe let me know and we will send you more details of our places.

They are very simple and very traditional Georgian.

Keeping Business Going During Summertime

Summertime creates a weird feeling for businesses. It is slow and harder to stay busy. So rather than do what you should be doing most businesses just sit and wait for something to happen or they carry on doing what has never really worked for them.

Selling to your customers isn’t rocket science. Your clients have buying patterns that are easily tapped into. It might be slow right now but guess what – by September your marketplace will begin to pick-up again and you will be busier than you are right now.

So when millions are on holiday lets be honest regardless of the offers you send out right now it’s going to be tough to distract them from buying from you when they are snorkelling or sunbathing on a tropical beach!

Yet this is a big preparation time for a lot of my smarter clients. They know that you can’t start everything once the marketplace settles back after holidays they prepare now for the busy buying period.

If you prepare now this means that not only are you ready for the buying period you have everything in place to take more of your market share.

In real terms, the above means this.

You could easily increase your sales by preparing your campaigns in advance. Good advance preparation can help you aim towards becoming a market leader.

I have one client that spends around 9/10-months every year preparing for his one big 2-month campaign. I am yet to see his campaigns fail. Even when no one is buying he is preparing the copy the strategy, the systems and delivery and more. This advance planning has helped him stay at the very top of his game year after year.

I have another client that has really just started planning in advance. The difference to her business has been huge. It's the difference between transformational marketing and average marketing of a business.

So if you are slow right now this really is a time to plan ahead. Ask yourself lots of questions, are things really working like you need them to work or are you simply accepting mediocre right now?

Are your current campaigns working?

Well, are they?

Don’t sit and wait for the next thing to take you along on a whim. Now is the perfect time for you to make some changes based on what is proven to work and refine your business and ask questions.

Doing what hasn't worked for months never mind years never makes any sense to me yet that is what some in business keep on doing. The same thing because that is what they do. It could be a lack of creativity in your marketing team. it can be an over-reliance on social media and all things web. It could be a poor message to market or a lack of engagement to your marketplace.

Whatever the reason is for your business you cannot allow things to carry on the way they are going. Get advice, get help and take a serious review to make sure things can be changed so you to can experience true transformation in your marketing.

Also, let me share this with you.

I mentioned earlier an interesting fact for me is the amount of clients that have worked with other experts before they reach me.

The story is mostly the same. They know of me, think my prices are high and will either come to me when they feel they can afford it or they come to me finally when they have spent on five previous experts and are desperate.

I just want to repeat something I say on my website time and time again.

The first thing I do when we work together is to find a way for you to get back your investment as fast as possible. For example, a client that invested £10,000 with me was given a simple strategy to use the same day we met. Within 12-hours that had brought him over £42,000 in sales. Over a year his sales rose to just over £2,000,000.

Clearly, my initial fee wasn’t a cost it was an investment.

I work on a 7-day full return on your investment where possible. I have never seen a case where it hasn’t been possible over the past couple of decades.

So I will put together a 30% increase or more leverage campaign for you. This involves stability and increased sale. Next, I work on a growth campaign and then an innovation campaign.

The bottom-line for myself is I want to blow you away and create a win-win so our exchange of services, ideas, creative and cash is a high-value exchange. Once client recently that took almost £40,000 from her new strategy felt it was her best business investment ever!

So let's get back to planning for September and beyond.

Well, are you?

If you are not and just hoping you’ll get busier the reality for your business is you’ll never see anything great. If you are planning and taking the appropriate steps.

Not too long ago I met a guy that is happy that he works every hour God has given him. He never puts his kids to bed because he works. He never sees his kids go to school because he works. He eats nothing but junk and it shows because he works. He has developed a health issue and suffers from stress because he works. His hair is falling out and is struggling to spread the remaining hair around the patches and why – because he works.

The funny thing is this.

His results are very average. His income isn’t great. He drives a cheap car. Worse of all is his family are out of the loop and his kids never see their father. He told me he hasn’t been away for the past five years. He told me things have never been tougher. He told me he will keep his head down and keep on doing what he has always down because it worked years ago when he worked with his father.

I can tell you this.

That is a recipe for disaster.

Only the smart, savvy and new model businessperson will survive, thrive and prosper. The number one factors are planning and pulling in experts that can really help.

So as part of my remodelling my little orange marketing machine what you are about to read has been created to help you.

I’ve mentioned a few times in emails about changes I am making here at so here are a couple of short updates for you.

My changes are all about getting back to my core business values. That means stripping something’s out and putting something’s back but with a twist.

Over the past ten years or so I built a massive reputation as one of the world's best copywriters. The funny thing was I  never said I was that because my core has always been consultancy, breakthrough, fixes and marketing transformations. Yes, I’ve written ultra successful copy and a lot of it but it’s always been secondary to my strategic transformational consultant values.

So a lot of the changes are around those origins where I started way back in 1985 and really started as a consultant in 1995/6.

So how can we work together today?


Breakthrough is still my No.1 service. One client slashed his marketing budget by over £100,000 after the first 30-minutes of our meeting. He also went away and created a windfall of over £200,000 after spending just 3-hours with myself.

Breakthrough is best for you if you are stuck, need a fast transformation in your results. In May alone over 37 clients came from almost every part of the UK for a breakthrough session. If you are in need of a breakthrough this really does work. Ask for more information.


A surprising part of my work is sitting here in the dark doing critiques. Most of my critiques are sales letters or campaigns that have been put together by copywriters, marketing guys or savvy businesspeople. The problem is they aren’t getting the results they want and they are not sure why.

One critique I did recently for some copy written by a really brilliant writer. His work is really strong but the results didn’t come in. I did a critique for him. His exact increase was 83% response AFTER his critique. The truth is, I changed a handful of words but added an offer that was totally irresistible. His sales went through the roof. The first campaign they did after my critique pulled in £88,400. The previous campaign pulled zero!


Best if you want to get your strategy right before you start or you know you need to make changes designed to deliver powerful results.

Consulting has always been the biggest part of what I do here. The good news is I have been able to drop my fee per hour from £1,200 to £600 and here is why. Today have a large office studio where I meet most clients. That means no time out, no time travelling, no time wasted in transit, no disruption and no time away. In the past travelling to a company for a 3-hour consultation could actually take around 10 hours in my time.

So today my hourly rate is still a premium for my premium advice. If I travel to you it is still £1,200. If you come to my offices it is now £600 per hour.

Recently I consulted with a company that involved two trips into London, three trips into Manchester and visits to my offices here. They invested heavily. Was it worth it? Not only did I transform every aspect of their system for marketing but also I gave them 17 calls into the office in a single hour. They usually had one- per day!

What is interesting for myself is that almost ALL of my consulting clients have either hired experts in the past for a very low fee or hired staff for a year before realising the staff couldn’t deliver.

I’m able to deliver because I not only stay at the forefront of what is going on in the marketplace but I also test absolutely everything before we ask a client to do it.



Mentor is still here but changing. One of the biggest changes to mentor will be the new M500 CLUB.

This means rather than investing £30,000 outright you can now pay monthly and pay according to your profits. A minimum fee of £1,995 is still required to get you started in the all-new M500 CLUB.

So mentor was like this.

MENTOR BEFORE: 100% fee down in advance.


  • £1,995 Down
  • £500 each month
  • Agreement for balance to be paid from new profits.

This is probably the easiest access to my mentor I have ever offered. More details are coming very soon but you can still enquire now.I will also be

I will also be cutting back even more on my MENTOR numbers. The NEW M500 CLUB will be very limited.

Best for old or new businesses that need an expert that can give them the edge, more response, more systems, more sales and more strategy. Best also for those that needs an expert on call for critical decisions.


This is mentor at a whole new level. It will be a 12-month contract. The annual fee is £100,000 with terms and conditions to be agreed.

More on both new clubs very soon. Pages to be finished but you can still call and get in early.


I don’t give enough back or share enough. The older I get the more I realise this. Yet I have skills and experiences that have transformed lives and businesses. Like the girl in Australian who’s life, I saved through strategic marketing. Like the massive donation, I gave away to a rainforest foundation. Like the small business owners who have a business, I saved from bankruptcy in a single week. And so much more.

So I have decided to give what I have and that is what is in my head. I did my first stage performance when I was 16-years old. I was a trained speaker from 185 in Bible school. I have spoken on stages across the globe on many occasions. I used to charge for all of those business talks. You can now host me or invite me to your stage where I will share with you some incredible tools that I have seen transform many businesses and lives over the years. Details and some terms can be found on this page.


I can now take your team and train them over at my HQ in Hale in Cheshire. Just recently we had a 13 strong sales team here. They loved everything that was shown to them. If your team is average and you demand more – this is an incredible day that can easily transform your business. More details on this page.


Finally, I am getting more and more aware of the value of my own time and how I spend my time. Any emails that come here will now go through the brilliant Lily. She is my personal assistant and will clear all of my emails before I get them. I have spent time training her. She is cool and very switched on. So if you email me please be specific, be respectful of my time and get to the point.

I will longer be offering face-to-face visits to my office unless paid for in advance. The one-off payment is my standard fee of £600 per hour. This initial investment will be taken off any future invoices.

I have also decided to add a FREE 20-minute Skype only investigative consultation. This is long enough for myself to listen, understand and tell you if I can offer a solution to your marketing or business problem

That's My July Updates...

Summer always comes and goes faster than we all think. Summer begins and then suddenly we are all saying how we cannot believe it’s over. When it is over we then approach a buying period on almost all businesses. This also means that you need to be ready.

Will you be ready to with your strategies, systems and everything else that is needed in place or will you simply hope and pray everything is fine?

That, of course, is a choice.

What choice will you make?

Will you decide to create your best campaign ever by getting the best advice you’ve ever had?

Will you simply delete this email and hope things will be fine?


This for one client only. Before we go over to Georgia I will take one client and one client only for a massive transformational critique of everything you are doing right now. Details to be discussed.

The fee for this is usually around the £25k minimum. I will do it for just £15k. This is your best problem solving and solution offering right now for transformational consulting advice.

I will give you my full dedicated intensive time to review, critique and offer powerful suggestions for your personal and immediate business transformations.

I will throw in one 3-hour visit to my HQ on this offer valued at £1,800.

This includes reviewing everything you have on the time I have. Send me everything and I will go through everything. The priority will be leverage and sales for more response. This is a transformational offer and will or could change once we speak.

  • Strategy reimagined for results.
  • Tactics reviewed and analysed for results.
  • Social media reviewed and measured against our powerful results tested strategies.
  • I research every word being used.
  • I dig deep on how your buyer thinks.
  • I find all the sales triggers that increase response.
  • I work on your core message.
  • I will look at your headlines.
  • I will check for conversational content.
  • I will review every line, every paragraph.
  • I will refine your offer so it is mouth-wateringly sizzling!
  • I will go through all of your client journey from idea to ordering and then offer refinements.
  • I will take an outside approach based on selling.
  • I will deliver a full blueprint in PDF format for you to work with.
  • And details to be discussed and agreed.

Just be prepared if you decide to take up this offer. Prepare for a rush of sales. I know that from my 31-years of expertise. One client experienced a 53.5% increase in business after 4-weeks of her transformation.

This is for ONE person only.

DETAILS for your project to be agreed.

This will include suggestions for all and any changes including urgent changes you need to make for transformation.

If you demand an urgent transformation please text UK 00 44 (0)7793069486 right now with the word TRANSFORM.

You can have your initial first 20 minutes FREE to see if you’d like to take this further.

Or if like most people on my mailing lists you know me, understand my work, have read about my results and understand this is an offer to great to miss get in touch right now and grab this transformational breakthrough offer before someone else does.

That’s it for now.

Change I love them. Changes for the better I love them even more.

We are seeing huge changes in the world of marketing and I can tell you most marketing people are missing them.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Here is to peace for humankind.

Here is also to a wonderful business packed with the success you deserve.

Your even non-conforming mentor

Alan Forrest Smith

Ps please don't forget I can only accept ONE CLEINT on this offer. It really is a tonne of work and right now I don't have time for two clients. If it is for you be quick.