TRANSFORM 2. The Price


TRANSFORM 2. The Price

Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.

Napoleon Hill

What did you give recently?

I mean it seriously what did you give to anyone?

Did you give your time?

Did you give cash?

Did you give a meal?

Have you given anything?

How about into society or your local community, have you given anything that you can give?

Last time I sent anything about transformation I talk about the gift of Google and Facebook into businesses all over the globe.

They give and what do they get back?

Recently I watched a documentary about (believe this or not) a man with no arms and a man with no eyes.

The man with no arms was a happier more optimistic guy. He lost his arms in a serious electric shock when he was just three years old. He doesn’t really remember having arms. He can cope perfectly well using his feet as hands to do anything.

The man with no eyes was less optimistic. He had lost his vision at the age of fifty. He remembers all the things we see with our eyes and had contemplated suicide many times because of his loss.

Then a transformation took place.

Both men lived in the same village in China.

Both men knew each other.

Both men needed a purpose in their lives.

The man with no arms went to see the newly blind man. The man with no arms could laugh at everything whilst the blind man was depressed by everything.

The man with no arms made a suggestion.

Around them, the village and location had been badly scarred by mining. The dust had killed almost everything. The sound of birds that used to fill the village was now silent. There were now no trees due to the pollution. To see it on TV it was just one huge grey desert area.

The man asked the blind man if he’d like to plant a new forest?

The blind man laughed and questioned how can a forest be built?

The man with no arms said by planting one tree we start a forest.

Both men eventually went and started building the forest from nothing. The first place they tried nothing would grow due to pollution. They blind man suggested they plant near the river. They went to the river and planted.

Each tree grew from a single cutting from another tree.

Both men did this day after day over the next few years. Finally, the Chinese government heard about the man with no arms and the blind man.

They contacted them and gave them everything they need to survive and all the tools and plants they needed to transform the barren land.

Today the blind man and the man with no arms have grown a forest over one million trees.

Here’s what is really interesting.

They both started with nothing,

They both did what felt the right thing to do.

They gave everything they had.

Eventually, they were given more than they could have ever wanted.

Life is like that.

And if you want your life and business to succeed the first question you should be asking is what am I giving back into the world?

Or am I simply taking?

Think about it.

For anything to have any balance it has to be equal. When things are not equal the balance tips to one side or the other. If we just take at some point the scales tip and we can be pushed back to the start all over again.

So to transform anything you need to first transform your mind. To transform your mind you need to ask yourself what do I feed my mind? The food you feed into your mind will result in something but what will that something be?

If you feed your mind garbage it will result in garbage thinking.

If you feed your mind highly nutritious thoughts it will result in a stronger more highly active mind. A stronger mind achieves better things. Transformation of any kind can only come from a stronger mindset.

Once your mind is stronger you should think about the scales.

Do you need to think about what you are going to give back?

You should start something that is simply created around giving and just wait to see what comes back.

Being in business isn’t just about getting that car, building a bigger office, getting that watch, wearing those clothes, getting as many cars and toys as possible. I've seen that so many times over the years.

Once I knew a guy that built his whole property business around a collection of cars. He boasted over twenty cars in his barn. One car cost him almost one million pounds. He took and took and took and collected without giving back. Finally, the scales tipped and he fell. His loss was absolute and now he is starting all over again.

So the best transformation not only starts in your mind but ultimately starts with giving. You really have to truly look at yourself and your business and ask the question what have you really given over the years?

Giving always without a doubt results in being given back. Every gift is reciprocated.

You think this has nothing to do with business? Think again it has everything to do with business and success.

I read with disgust in the UK over the moaning’s and groaning’s of Google once upon a time not paying that much tax despite their gift to mankind.

Eventually, they paid under pressure.

Yet this part was missed and never mentioned.

The ability to Google everything online has opened up the world. We can all do that for free.

Google also hire 57,000 people. Can you just imagine how many humans beings that supports? Look at all the other tech and things Google has given to humanity? Do the research.

These companies are built on giving first and simply waiting for the rewards later. They know the rewards will come, they don’t know when they will come yet they know that at some point they will arrive.

An interesting flip right?

Now the modern company is set up to give first and take later not take first and maybe give a little from their scraps later.

If you want real transformation into your life and business you need to give serious thoughts to what you are going to give back.

The man with no eyes and the man with no arms decided to give all they had – time – and with that time they planted one tree that today is now over one million trees.

It started with giving back.

Transformational business starts with giving back.

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