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Premium advertising, copywriting and direct response marketing advertising campaign Masterclasses on DVDs from Alan Forrest Smith.  

How to Convert, Close and Get Paid as a Consultant and a Copywriter

How to Convert, Close and Get Paid as a Consultant and a Copywriter

497.00 997.00

Consultants & Copywriters: Knowing This Will Make You Rich

The Secrets of a Successful Veteran Consultant and Copywriter

  • £54,000 per project
  • £74,000 per project
  • £85,000 per project
  • And more – and less.

My smallest fee for anything is £15,000

I never chase clients they come to me.

I never work with more than one or two clients a year.

I have put together in an -easy-to-listen course just about everything I have been doing and still do since around 1998 when I started to move away from hairdressing into the world of consultancy and copywriting. Something’s I might have missed so maybe that is for another time.

Detail – Priceless

But the detail packed into this little course is priceless for you if you want more from your consultancy or copywriting business.

Here’s how I did it.

Here’s how you can very easily do the same by copying what I do.

Dear consultant/copywriter

My name is Alan forrest Smith

I’ve been writing words for cash since 1985 in my own businesses. Today I live in Cheshire, England with my wife and still consult and write for my clients.

Now … Can I say this right away?

Unlike a million and one experts online I have been doing my own copywriting and marketing since 1985. I am still doing the same today. I have worked with, dined with, created projects with and hung out with a lot of very famous faces during this time.

Like Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson, Harv T Eker, Yanik Silver, Andrew Reynolds, Brendon Bruchard, Michel Fortin and many, many more of the who’s who’s list of consultants and copywriters all over the globe. I’ve been mentoring consultants and copywriters all over the globe since 2004. (see one nice story at the very end of this page)

I have also consulted and created a stack of campaigns that have generated windfalls as low as £42,000 in 12-hours to over £7 million in just a couple of months. I even write a simple letter that delivered sales of £1.2 million of Audi cars in just 21-days.

I know what I am doing.

I am very well respected.

Even the mighty Jay Conrad Levinson write to my before he passed away saying I had the ‘most brilliant of minds’.

And of course I still write and I still consult today.

Here’s seven things I do and I think you’d love to do also and I’ll show you how to copy me exactly.

  • My minimum fee is £15,000
  • I demand £1,200 per HOUR for meetings
  • My fees for mentoring are as high as 150k
  • I can demand 10k a day for site visits
  • I work just 3-days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (some weeks I don’t work)
  • I take at least 12 weeks off every year (sometimes more)
  • I pay for my life with cash – not blood!


By giving my clients incredible value, incredible results, incredible businesses and making sure my rewards are premium and reflect the work delivered to the client.

I hope you don’t mind me saying that I just felt I had to share that against the background of so-many new inexperienced experts claiming greatness without results that are online today.

All of what I share with you is real.

All of what I share with you is what I do everyday.


I spent years and years working some of this stuff out.

I came from being a hairdresser and salon owner into a world of consulting and writing. I had no idea apart from the materials I had been creating in my salons. I also had a large young family. So my own transition – it had to work – failure was not an option.

Now like my old hairdressing world I knew this.

It was best to be the best.

It was better to be the best paid

It was easier for me to attract clients than chase clients

And these are the essentials I am sharing with you to build a real consultancy or copywriting business.

I promise you this.

Consultants & Copywriters: Knowing This Stuff Will Make You Rich

  • Knowing this stuff can make you richer than you will ever believe.
  • Knowing this stuff will make your life much easier
  • Knowing this stuff will put you at the top of your game
  • And knowing this stuff will give you everything you got into your world for – and more.

And you’ll have a finely tuned machine that will share with you my own system to

  • Find new higher paying clients
  • Quadrupled any payment types
  • Create ongoing payment deals for months or life
  • Reduce your low-paying client volume
  • Work with one or two clients per year
  • Create perfect deals

And much more

I have laid out a series of bullets below for you from the five audio recordings I did with an inner-circle group some time ago.

The Course: Knowing This Will Make You Rich


  • Who is Alan Forrest Smith?
  • Client list
  • Premium rate
  • Knowing what big clients want
  • The one thing you must always have
  • How different is your offer?
  • Trust driven
  • Why low risk is key
  • The copy myths you must avoid
  • Why consultants of a certain kind are needed
  • Know your purpose
  • Where are you going – do you know
  • Write this powerful thing down
  • How to know who your client is
  • Why you must have commitment
  • Why you only have seconds to impress and start the ball rolling
  • Ten business transforming secrets you absolutely must use and can use today
  • Why should any client work with you?
  • How to be unique
  • What does your image say about your work?
  • You must become interesting – here’s why
  • Always do the unexpected – why?
  • Why saying what you want positions you as the expert
  • Why you should never wait to be led
  • Clients love controversial
  • How to eradicate any risk
  • How to get a holy shit reaction
  • How to position yourself as the only option
  • Why perception is everything – to start with
  • Understanding presence for maximum selling
  • Do you know who or what you really are?
  • Why you must know self-value
  • Why you must over deliver – delivery value
  • Do you know your dollars/pounds per hour – this gets you the big deals
  • Value exchange – how to give this for that
  • Review your package, delivery, vision and outcome for lasting, longer, more sustained success


  • Why you must know your perfect client
  • How to identify exactly who they are
  • How to create a perfect client match
  • How to know what your perfect client looks like
  • How to find out what business type you want to work with
  • Why you need to get to grips with details for better clients
  • Why you should buy a client when you have to
  • Why research is the key to good clients
  • Exactly what you need to know about them
  • Why profiling is essential to building your business
  • How to create the perfect strategy to catch your best ever client
  • Seven objections they will have to working with you and how to overcome them
  • Why getting the perfect client is exactly like dating
  • Flattery gets you everywhere
  • The attraction element you should never fail to use
  • How and why take your clients meetings to the next level
  • Why you should pay for dinner
  • What you should say at the meeting
  • Shut up and listen or lose the client
  • The one often missed secret you should never fail to use
  • Why you should share war stories
  • The reasons you should talk about the client
  • What to do when the meeting ends
  • How to add a verbal postscript
  • How to create an irresistible offer
  • Your offers must has this one thing …?
  • What you must do after the initial meeting
  • Questions to ask yourself after the meeting
  • Why you should now tread careful
  • What you absolutely must do next
  • What to do when the client doesn’t return calls
  • The real reason he hasn’t been in touch
  • Why he doesn’t reply
  • The big thing you need to do right now is this
  • How to push the next steps through
  • Seven things the client will love from you
  • How to get the seal-the-deal meeting
  • What to say when you fist meet each other
  • What you should share with the client – make it big news
  • Why you have to be as direct as possible
  • The one thing the client needs to hear from you
  • The secret of how you need to behave and why knowing this will seal the deal
  • How to end the meeting perfectly
  • Do this once you get back to your office right away
  • How to create a brief
  • How to build a value based quote
  • How to construct the best deal
  • When to ask for payment
  • The critical touch you shouldn’t avoid
  • Your business life depends on the following four things…
  • The impressive and easy to copy client case studies
  • Six things you must review right away


  • The ultimate follow-up system
  • Why this is your time to shine brighter than ever before
  • The 100% way to convert your new client
  • Should you text, email or phone?
  • What to tell them at this stage and what not to tell them
  • Why you must now stay in control – and how to stay in control
  • Your big four deal makers – how to create them
  • The perfect offer
  • The client letter
  • The big brief
  • The client contract
  • Seven things that will get the contract signed right away
  • How to know you are the perfect investment
  • Six things to search for with your perfect plan
  • Why you must have vision
  • Six ways to expand your projects
  • Why you must tell them what you can do
  • Six ways to create a long lasting WIN WIN WIN offer
  • How to ethically seduce your client
  • Six often overlooked details that will create a perfect scenario
  • Seven ways to get paid a ton of cash
  • Why the cash conversation must be kept very simple
  • Six details you must add to your contracts – should a lawyer be creating the contract?
  • How to push the contract and work forward
  • How to keep your client happy at all times
  • Seven things to keep this project happy
  • Six details you must add to your power brief
  • Why you should always take the lead at every stage
  • How to send a win win win email
  • How to make every word carry power
  • How to feel your way through – six things you must do next
  • How to make sure you are happy and rewarded
  • Seven tools you must review


  • Why this is the greatest time for you to shine
  • Average gets average – step up be great
  • Seven fail-proof ways to get your client excited
  • How to sizzle up everything
  • Seven client secrets to get your clients salivating
  • How to know what tools of your trade are going to be used
  • Why you should talk about failures!
  • Eleven strategies to kill it!
  • Why you must know who is responsible for what during any campaign
  • Why you should have access to the numbers at all times
  • Six payment specifics – agreements and clauses
  • The big five signatures that start the ball rolling including getting that first big payment
  • What to do before you get started – the war room
  • Should you over deliver?
  • Why being honest at all times is the only policy
  • Review these five things


  • Why impact is critical from day one
  • What you must think about at this stage – be realistic
  • Time to create – create what and why you mist do this one creation first
  • Why reinvention of any campaign at this stage is a huge mistake
  • How to blow your client away as early as 24-hours!
  • Why you should train your client
  • How to find gold in what they have under the floorboards
  • The simple win win win five step strategy you should use on your client right away
  • Five things to win – or lose – take your time here
  • Six ways to layout a future relationship beyond this project
  • Four easier ways to make your client money
  • Seven more big ones to add to your long term plan
  • A word of warning – how to solve the problems fast
  • Why it isn’t all about selling – saving money also makes your client happy
  • Blood sweat and tears – its hard but pays outrageously well
  • Three real life case studies
  • Five things to review


I never offer a money-back guarantee. I never had any when I built my life. I built my life taking small and big risks. The only difference here is the risk for you is microscopic. In fact the only risk for you is if you don’t take my system and run with it. I can only guarantee you this. This is what I have done and discovered and used for the past twenty years plus as a consultant and copywriter – it all works.

IMPORTANT: If you are in search of get rich quick, no work information – do not order. I only have interest in supporting those that can add value to this world.

Finally what I am going to share with you is designed to do what I have already done – build a business – a real business.

This stuff really does work and there is no reason it won’t work in your business.

For example:

A consultant came to me to get advice on pricing his project. He wanted to price the project at an incredible $400 USA.

I helped him restructure everything. Despite his client looking for a low price he sent out an invoice for just $5,000. The client happily paid.

And I will tell you why.

It is the very fine-tuning that will make every difference to your business.

Would that kind of tuning make a difference to yours?


If you are up for success into another level this is absolutely for you. If I could charge £25,000 for this I would – no question. What you are going to discover are the same strategies that have generated huge amounts of cash over the years.

I’d love to share it with you. And please… once your results begin to pour in please share them with me.

Are you ready to order?

I’d love to send this to you today.

Here is what you get

  • Five fully loaded, secret revealing audios (MP3 – instant access)
  • Five supporting power points
  • Usually £497


FREE BONUS: Seven supporting DVDs from my acclaimed Copywriters Masterclass. Two transcriptions of both DVD

Usually £195

Watch me teach classes live over two days in London. This is a powerful Masterclass that has sold in the tens of thousands all over the world and is packed with technique, strategies and real-case studies including my actual mentor clients also sharing their work and experiences.

Consultants & Copywriters: Knowing This Will Make You Rich Course


Should be £694


If you’d like more details on the bonus classes you can find everything at this link.



Hi Alan

Thanks for your note – and the recording/slides, etc.

Yesterday’s call was supercharged. No B.S., just “this is how it is”.

The webinar reinforced something I already know – I’ve been playing “small” and hiding away in my shell for a few years’ now.

Only learnt “copywriting” the summer of 2013 and only went full-time in May last year so still a “newbie” in this game.

The focus this year is to DUMP a client who gives me lots of regular work (for INSANELY low payment) and get some sanity back. I’m making enough to manage but it’s NOT LIFE… long hours, some clients I’d rather NOT be working with, and not enough time for improving my craft and my leisure (e.g. travel, walking and hiking).

Getting clarity about things like purpose, vision and ideal client(s) is KEY for my escape.

LOTS of hard work ahead, for sure.

Will no doubt have a list of questions for you before the next call.

Thanks for shifting my thinking.

All the best

Hi Alan,

A big thanks to you for the webinar last night.

I read the invite email at 8:05pm so I just managed to make it on time!

Lucky I did because if I didn’t, I’d be kicking myself knowing what I have missed.

Like always, you were exciting as ever!

The presentation was captivating, engaging and interesting.

The information was immensely valuable as it provided so many realisations about what I could do with my freelance business.

What stood out for me was when you emphasised how critical it is to understand the mindset of bigger prospects. When you understand the way they think and what they want, you can position your business accordingly.

It’s nice to hear someone different and is unafraid to be a little unconventional. You’re a breath of fresh air!

Thanks again Alan.

Best wishes,


Dear Alan that is perfect,

Citrix got me going so I can view your Powerpoint,I looked at ten minutes at two this morning,I shall look at the rest today.

I am thoroughly enjoying it,I knew I would.

Thank you for always getting back to fast when you have such a lot on.

thank you and best regards Rhett

That was awesome Alan! Thankyou soooo much :) I am relaunching everything and have been working on hard all day so great timing. I missed the first 10 mins or so but hopefully will pick it up on the recording. Thanks again ;))


“Thanks again for helping me to find the courage to do this”

Hello Alan

Thank you very much for all your help with the Mentor-ship course. I have learnt tons of new information. Finally got what I was looking for:

  • Helped me to find the niche that suits me best
  • Gave my insights how to draw out more from my writing skills
  • How to write and create successful sales letters – online and offline
  • Helped me to established the right way on my own website
  • Gave me the insider information of how to deal with clients – negotiating, invoicing, and their different personality traits
  • Several ways of getting paid big, medium and small amounts
  • Your own detailed systems so I can copy and build my business  
  • How to position myself to get client to come to me
  • And so much more over 12-weeks and now the ongoing support.

And now, finally I am on the final stages of establishing myself as a Consultant – Copywriter. Something I have been pondering about doing for the last 5 years. But never had the guts to transition from my dull 9 to 5 day job to my dream as working for myself.

Thanks again for helping me to find the courage to do this.


New copywriter, Ali Khan

“Why being involved with Alan is a smart investment”

From Mentor Copywriter Neil Shepard

I don’t know about you, but being a freelancer in any business can be lonely at times. Even more so as a copywriter… why is that?

Well, for me freelance copywriters are almost crazy…

I mean who would want to lock themselves away from life for hours, days, weeks, even months at a time trying to understand every type of business that comes across our desks.

Most business owners don’t appreciate the time and brainpower that goes into a campaign that sells.

Sometimes we can get lost in our own business… and that can be costly.

That’s why being involved with Alan is a smart investment.

Because having someone with a proven track record of delivering results for 32 years in the real world of business (not textbook theory) carefully and strategically dissecting my business was priceless…

For example… during the mastermind weekend, I was getting advice and solutions to a specific problem in my business and a way to solve them fast.

Mentor has given me plenty to think about, and a precise plan of action to ensure I get there. Plus and this is a BIG plus – copious amounts of espressos were consumed!

Thanks, Alan – this changes everything

Neil Shepard

 “Played a key role in my journey to freedom, no more 9-5…”

I met Alan 2 years into my sales copy career.

When we talked first, I was struggling to find work, lurching from one low paying client to another.

And getting no attention, results or reputation.

One hour with Alan was not cheap-but the results spoke for themselves.

He showed me…

  • How to stand out from other copywriters
  • How to create an attention grabbing website that positioned me the right way to make more money
  • How to create a killer offer
  • How to attract and convert more visitors into customers
  • How to write great copy that gets amazing results for my clients
  • How to take my business to market
  • How to charge more and deliver more value (I doubled my fees)
  • How to make money from consulting and not just by writing all the time

I still consult with Alan and get his input on how to boost the conversions of any campaign I’m working on.

He has played a key role in my journey to freedom, no more 9-5, living life on my own terms, and getting paid what I’m worth.

Thanks, Alan.

Pete Brennan

“I feel inspired and encouraged to keep pushing the bar higher”

From Mentor Gary Spinks

As you know, I study what’s out there and have invested in different ways over the years to develop myself and the business. What is out there at the moment is a lot of noise, misinformation, formula-based products, get-rich-quick schemes and template-style “done for you” services. And it’s easy for people to get sucked into that feeling that these widely promoted offers will provide the answers and be the magic silver bullet for success.

When I listen to you talk about business, the way you work and what works it’s a very different experience. It’s a reality check. It’s a more realistic and genuine conversation. You’ve made me think. You’ve made me question things I took to be ‘truth’. You’ve made me dig deeper into what I really want and how to make that happen. There are challenges ahead to go with all that yet I feel inspired and encouraged to keep pushing the bar higher.

This weekend was not so much about the art of copywriting, designing ads or a ‘how to’ of direct marketing (though you did share some neat insights on the practical side of creating the sales message). No, this weekend went deeper. It was about the business of being a different kind of copywriter, a different kind of strategist, a different kind of marketer.

The Mastermind reinforced and built on my learning during your MENTOR program. I value your advice, suggestions and feedback. The rest is now down to me.

Thanks, Gary Spinks

I got my first copywriting client that spent over £2,000 after just 8 weeks in the copywriting business.”

In just 8 weeks Alan has taught me

  • Build and create my website
  • Write long sales letters
  • Write short sales letters
  • Write and design flyers
  • Write higher response emails
  • Find paying clients
  • How to get paid consulting
  • How to get paid writing
  • How to seed and grow fast
  • How to get clients offline fast
  • How to promote offline
  • How to promote online
  • How to create a business PR pack
  • How to create a business card
  • How to speak and respond to clients
  • How to reply to a client
  • When to reply to a client
  • How to price my services
  • How to create takeaways selling in my pitch
  • How to convert enquiries

Actually, Alan has shown me even more than that – too much to write here. I got my first copywriting client that spent over £2,000 after just 8 weeks in the copywriting business.”

Dilys Stokes

“Meeting Alan in person was an experience I’ll never forget”

Dear Friend,

It all started with an email Not just any email An email from ALAN FORREST SMITH

The email contained an important message that would ultimately change my life and business forever… More on that in a minute… Please allow me to introduce myself my name’s Neil Shepherd, my client’s call me ‘The Email Specialist’ I’m guessing that’s because my emails


Back to the email from Alan You see, there was an opportunity to spend 2 days at Alan’s home focusing on my business…

The problem was I had NO money to book my place and I couldn’t borrow any more because of

  • 2 Maxed out credit cards
  • Overdraft at bursting point
  • 2 personal loans
  • Car on finance
  • Big mortgage

Not to mention 3 people depending on me (my gorgeous Fiancé Samantha our two girls Amy aged 9 and Katie aged 6) That would put most people off wouldn’t it?

So how did I find the money? I made it my fierce goal to work relentlessly over the coming months, it wasn’t easy but I managed to do it

Meeting Alan in person was an experience I’ll never forget he genuinely cares about you and listens to your problems and gives honest and helpful advice Here I was sitting in his kitchen drinking coffee and chatting… How many trainers pull back the curtains and let you see inside their home?

It wasn’t all smiles though Alan kindly ripped my business apart and revealed exactly where I was hemorrhaging money and how I could rebuild it a better way

Here’s how those 2 days mentoring with Alan was the BEST investment I’ve made

  1. I’ve raised my fees and no longer feel bad about sending invoices
  2. I’ve started getting paid at least 50% upfront on projects (I use to wait 30 days and then have to chase invoices)
  3. I’m writing every day
  4. My websites have been tweaked and converting better
  5. I’m more confident talking with clients
  6. My copy flows better
  7. I manage my time

Alan can show you how to do this and more… Let me finish with… If you’re sitting on the fence and procrastinating about mentor with Alan ask yourself this very important question… “How much is it costing you NOT being mentored by Alan?” Call Alan today because it could CHANGE everything for you

Talk soon

Neil Shepherd

“The results have been incredible”

For many of you who may be considering entering into a mentoring arrangement with Alan, please allow me to help clarify what may be ahead for you….and for your life….

If, like I was only 6 months ago, you find yourself at a crossroads in life where, for the first time, for maybe one or a multitude of reasons, you’re experiencing the desire to make significant and long-lasting changes to not only what it is you do for a living, but how you live and the reasons why then Alan is the answer.

From our starting point together just a few months ago, Alan and I have created a magical and highly productive bond together, one that has allowed me to create a new direction in my life, and to approach that direction with certainty and the belief that I can achieve what it is I desire.

Rest assured, nothing is ever achieved without a lot of hard work, commitment and strategic thinking.

For my own experience, Alan has been instrumental in bringing out the best in what it is that I want to achieve in my business life…by bringing out the best in me.

This hasn’t been achieved without a commitment on both of our parts to do what it takes to communicate openly and to have flexible schedules in working together (especially as we’re located across the world from each other.)

Yes, it’s been a journey of detailed emails, early morning and late evening conversations, and strategic thinking together, all in a respectful and non-judgmental manner.

The results have been incredible for myself, as I’ve experienced and created a new business path, including what I now want to do, how I want to do it while believing that I can achieve the lifestyle and life results that for far too long eluded me.

The possibilities ahead of me are endless and I believe highly profitable.

The lifestyle which I know I’ll be experiencing, thanks to Alan’s insightful guidance, is something that everyone should be able to attain in their lifetime. And they can…with the right skills, systems and beliefs. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the right type of person to work with Alan, and he’s probably right for you.

But, I must say, be ready for it, because if you do what it takes, and follow his recommendations, the journey will be transformational and unforgettable!

All the best to you….here’s to your future!

Troy Steine

Vancouver, Canada

“It was well worth it”

Alan thanks for your training program and Mastermind meeting – it’s real powerhouse stuff. Working with you has really opened my eyes, lifted my sights and given me powerful insights into how to make things possible. I’m making some BIG changes this year so thanks for shifting my thinking. Gary Spinks

As a result of my association with Alan, I am a much better copywriter than I ever thought possible. My writing is on a much higher plane and I can produce sales letters and adverts now which are far superior to anything I’ve done in the past with this new knowledge that I’ve gained from him.

For me, it was well worth it.

Stuart Price

 “$90,000 Within Weeks”

Hey mate,

After we were talking on the phone the other day I got to thinking about the last couple of years since we first met… and about what being trained by you has done for me in that time.

It’s pretty crazy and amazing really so I just wanted to share it with you in writing so that if you want to share it with others you can… and they can get a real insight into how great of a bloke you are and how you’ve got the goods to help them too.

A Lot to be Thankful for…

I’ve a lot to be thankful for as a result of knowing and being mentored by you and I know they will be too if they take the chance to attend one of your programs.

Obviously when we met back in 2005 I was a complete novice when it came to advertising, copywriting and marketing – I knew nothing. The first material I’d literally ever read on any of those topics was the material you and Brett sent me as a thank you for signing up for the Advertising Masterclass. You couldn’t find someone who knew less about those topics than me.

As you know, I left at the end of that weekend of the Masterclass with you certain I had everything I could ever need to know to make a fantastic living writing great ads and creating successful businesses using it. I assured you I’d be a success as a result.

To keep this short… here we are in 2007 and looking back in hindsight I’ve been through a lot, achieved a load and have a lot to be thankful for as a result of everything you’ve done for me.

You know that within 12 weeks of the Masterclass I was working with some of the biggest direct marketing entrepreneurs in Australia… as well as doing jobs for you and your clients.

$90,000 Within Weeks

And I remember our chat when I had lined up $90,000 worth of work in those 12 weeks too. Life was phenomenal for me… couldn’t stop smiling and laughing about the cash on offer and all the while I’m working when I want and cruising down to the beach for a swim and relax with my mates on weekdays whenever they were free from their 40 or 60hr/week jobs.

Less than a year later I’m heading over to England on your invitation to speak at your next Masterclass. I knew I’d earned it because of the hard work I’d done but couldn’t believe I was flying across the world to speak beside you at your seminars.

These days I’m working with entrepreneurs and businesses across the world, Australia, the U.S, the UK making great money (one job I’m about to start is making me more in 4 days than I’d get paid for 2 months of work in a top business firm here in Dublin)!

Busy Making Money

And on top of my own work, I’m busy with joint

ventures with partners overseas as well as just having launched a new company with a business partner in America that’s going to be super-profitable for me.

But more importantly than all the business success I have to thank you for, it’s the freedom in life that’s the true gift.

I have a freedom in my life that most people will never have.

You know I love doing my martial arts training. I’ve been able to go to Japan to train several times in the last few years and could literally go and live there if I wanted because I can set up my business anywhere and work from anywhere. How many people can do that?

Over the last couple of years I’ve taken trips to different places around the world to visit friends from other countries. I’ve literally just done this when I’ve felt like it with little or know interruption to my business. How many people can do that?)

And most important, as you know I was just recently able to relocate overseas to live with my girlfriend with very little hassle. How many people can do that?

How many people can do these things, literally just up and move their entire lives overseas without it affecting their businesses at all? Well I could and it’s thanks to you more than anyone else.

My Lifestyle … AWESOME!

Almost everyone I meet who asks what I do, thinks my lifestyle sounds awesome – many are straight up jealous. I tell them they could have it too, they just have to do what I have and find someone like you who knows what they’re talking about and really cares.

I could go on for ages but you know the deal. Like everything else in life, business is a game that has it’s up and downs. It’s no secret that the most successful people in life have failed more times than they’ve succeeded. A large factor in creating that success is who they’ve got beside them as mentors and allies. I wouldn’t have it any other way than having you beside me as mine.

You’ve Been There So I Succeeded

You’ve been there for me over the last couple of years more than I ever expected.

When I’ve needed help, advice or guidance – I’ve got it.

When I’ve suffered a setback and needed a friend who understands what I’m going through – I’ve got it.

And when I’ve had a major success or achieved a goal – I’ve got it.

All from you. I simply can’t say thank you enough for that.

On top of all of this, what’s even more amazing is that in working with you, I’m still learning from you every time we talk… even after 2 ½ years. (If that’s not proof of how much you know and have to offer then I don’t know what is).

I’ll wrap this up now as it’s already too long. I wanted it to be something others could quickly read and understand that you’re a class act all round… as a copywriter and marketer, as a business teacher and mentor, and more importantly as a person.

I consider myself VERY LUCKY to have had the benefit of both learning from you and working with you.

I consider myself very lucky to have had the benefit of both learning from you and working with you. And even more so I consider myself lucky to have you as a friend.

Thanks for everything… and here’s to an even brighter future for us both (along with everyone else smart enough to do business with us)! ;)

Steven Georgulis

“It will change your life like it did mine”

I’m an on-going MENTOR student of Alan’s.

One year ago I took the plunge and entered MENTOR with Alan.

I had to fight back the ‘I cant afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted real fast track change with my hair salon I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it.

I can hardly believe the change in not only my business but in ME.

Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance and fun along the way took my business to a 52% rise in one year.

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to make these changes without Alan’s support. ‘GO FOR IT. (if ever)

With Alan’s support I made the changes and STILL made the 52% growth.

I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch 2 big projects out with the salon.

I now have the confidence and knowledge to push my career forward and create the work life I want… He has genius ideas that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action.

Anyone thinking of working with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question – It will change your life like it did mine.

Caroline Sanderson

“He’s on your team every step of the way”

Alan wants you to succeed. He really does. When you work with him he’s not just a consultant, he’s on your team every step of the way.

The key thing is that he has proven tools and experience in his armoury to help you discover your niche marketing weapons that will bring in the ‘right’ customers, business and lifestyle. It’s definitely all about you and your life success with Alan.

And the business; It’s not all about numbers – its about targeting. 10 laser-targeted prospects is far better than 1000 who are ‘generally interested’. Alan has the talent to uncover the true needs, language, and images that go thorough your customers minds in my mind, there’s no one better, he delivers every inch along the MENTOR training!

Ex-forces, Jon Taylor


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