43 Business Breakthroughs


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Direct Response Marketing Consultant Alan Forrest Smith

43 business breakthroughs 43 steps I use with my own private clients that will transform your business from struggling or average to a full-blown marketing machine that makes money.

Every time we travel I get a little obsessed with breads. I love bread even though when I’m working out it becomes a reluctant enemy.

My hottest bread obsession is ხაჭაპური (Katchapuri) or Georgian cheese bread (My wife to be is Georgian)

Now when I get over obsessed I then want to make this bread at home. There are breads I make and I can now make well but there are other breads like Georgian Katchapuri bread that is impossible for me to make well.

The problem is this.

The basis for katchapuri bread is a cheese called ‘solgoni’ and solgoni cheese is absolutely unique to Georgia.

So although I have recipes and really good books that offer really detailed directions for breads getting a recipe for Katchapuri is as good as impossible.

Until …

One day whilst in London we met up with a Georgian friend. I told her my dilemma over making Katchapuri, I shared with her my disaster and efforts and making the perfect yet less than perfect Georgian cheese bread.

“The problem is I cannot get anything that takes remotely like Sulguni cheese”

Then arrived her secret after all she is also a Georgian living in England and cannot exist with her Katchapuri.

The secret is this

"Take some feta, some Gouda and some Mozzarella in certain amounts. Mix those amounts with some other little secrets bits and you have created a cheese that is almost like (but not quite) Solgoni"

Of course I wrote all of this down and as soon as we got home for the very first time I created ხაჭაპური or Georgian cheese bread that was almost but not quite as good as the real thing.

And your business is like bread, it’s a simple recipe or strategy for getting a close to perfect result that sometimes we have to search for. There can be a ton of place to look for advice or a recipe and despite trying many recipes it can take the arrival of one little secret recipe to deliver a perfect result.

How would you like to see a list of things I do with my own private clients that is pure strategy based and delivers results almost without fail every time?

I use this list with successful clients, with not so successful clients, struggling clients and clients that just need to get more results. The list isn’t complete but its powerful.

And the bread… well I will keep this recipe as a secret for myself for a while but maybe I’ll share it with you in the future.

I cannot give you a fully compressive list but please enjoy and apply what i have given you. 43 powerful breakthroughs that will transform your business

  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Take time out to think
  3. Control your thoughts
  4. Review what has been done
  5. Find out where have you been
  6. Be clear where are you going
  7. Hire an expert to critique and review everything
  8. Get newly organised
  9. Do you have the expertise?
  10. Systems do you have them
  11. Find or create systems
  12. Install systems
  13. Numbers do you know them?
  14. Vision is it in place?
  15. Outcome do you know it?
  16. Who exactly are your customers?
  17. How does your customer think?
  18. Creating your plan
  19. Message to market
  20. Tune or create messages that work
  21. Create message to market strategies & tactics
  22. Create a powerful direct response campaign
  23. Do you have a word specialist or copywriter?
  24. Do you have a designer that can create images that sell?
  25. Is a responsive and trained team in place
  26. Do you need specialist partners?
  27. Is your new campaign outcome focused?
  28. Buy media placements
  29. Can you track, test and measure everything
  30. Read results carefully and improve where needed
  31. Leverage - use you existing data first
  32. Stabilise
  33. Innovate to stay one step ahead
  34. Marketing day - getting started
  35. Lay out your plan after testing is done
  36. Strategy – in place?
  37. Systems – in place?
  38. Team – in place?
  39. Track and measure systems – in place? Get mentored where needed
  40. Good advice carries no price!
  41. Does it all feel right?
  42. Go to launch
  43. This is just the start

I can probably pinpoint at least 52 hotspots that you could improve your sales from in under 30-minutes!

I am of course for hire.

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