The Difference Is?


It used to be said there is a huge gap between good and bad.

See those iPhones above? One is real and one is fake!

When I say good and bad I mean good and bad anything. You could tell the difference between a good and bad woman. One could kiss and one couldn’t.

You could tell the difference between a good and bad car. One would run forever and the other would never start.

You could even tell the difference between a good and bad computer but now … You can barely tell the difference.


The web has made people more informed. If you want to learn how to kiss a man or a woman with passion you simply YouTube the question and then watch twenty minutes of couples kissing and telling. You then switch off and practice on the face of a willing victim whilst sucking their lips from their face!

Now of course it has its good side that even stuff made in China is pretty dammed good for the pennies you pay but there is a dark side to the gap between good and bad.

Take the web for example. You have a business and that business needs help, advice or services here‘s what over 90% of us do and probably you do today. Open your phone or tablet or pad. Type into Google what you are looking for and then spend valuable time going through a ton of links to try and work out who is good and who isn’t so good. And frankly it’s almost impossible to tell.

Their websites look amazing. Their services sound good. Their results read true. Their photographs look great and the overall impression is good. So now you have found five to choose from you also have to make a choice. Do you go for the cheap one or the middle one or the most expensive one? In most cases we go safe and go for the middle. Our perception tell us it’s probably still good because it isn’t the cheapest. You enquire, you get a fee and then they start the services.

Lets take marketing as an example because that’s where I am and that’s where the experience of my business is so I deal with a lot of people who have had the experiences I am about to talk about. By the way I would say almost 100% of my own clients have tried many cheap routes before they come to me.

So recently a client of mine came to me. He told me the story like I have just talked about above. He was promised a new website, incredible SEO services and a range of social media services. Traffic he was promised and traffic was what arrived. They gave him thousands of likes on social media. They sent him truckloads of traffic and they built him a cool looking little website. Still no sales and here’s why.

The company he was dealing with were an outsource company (very common now). They bought likes for social media but the problem was none of the likes had any interest in my client’s services. They sent traffic but the traffic was both automated and cheap and again had no interest in what my client was selling and the website it turns out was a $27 template they charge him $995 for. So they delivered what he thought he needed but it wasn't what was good for business.

The strange thing was my client had repeated this route four times before he arrived back at my desk (he had enquired and vanished twice before). He asked how could they all be allowed to look and present everything so well these days? I simply shrugged my shoulders in my usual smug but useful manner and told him not to worry we shall now start building his empire in safe hands.

Years ago maybe 1990 I went on a training day in London for my salon business. The training day presented something I had only seen on Star Wars and Star Trek and that thing was called a computer.

The guy speaking to us was an old fellow that looked a little like Einstein. He told the group that computers would transform the world and everything that is sold would be made and mass-produced by computer technology. It turns out he was right and that is the reason it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between good and bad these days.


A computer program unlike a human once programed does everything as a replica. It replicates. Replicates products, replicates services and I swear it’s started replicating human beings if you look carefully enough.

Now I sat down with my client that struggled to find out what was good and what was bad. We did some numbers and worked out something incredibly interesting and it was this. Although he had made a cheaper option by hiring the previous services this created lost revenue. That lost revenue wasn’t hundreds, it wasn’t thousands and it wasn’t even hundreds of thousands. It was tens of hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue and lost time. So yes it’s hard to tell the difference these days and even I fall for it.

So if you absolutely must have a result. If you absolutely cannot afford to take a risk with your business all you need to do is hit the contact me link below and lets start with a conversation.

And don’t worry if you have tried everything already, most of my clients have before they get to me. There’s a good chance I can fix it and if I can’t I wont take your money and run!


Lets talk.

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P.s I was always a good kisser so I never used the YouTube training as I never needed it!